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Experience the decadence of a sensual 4-Hand Massage.

A truly indulgent experience you won't forget. This is a powerful treatment, perfect for those that have a hard time completely letting go and relaxing. Two masseurs work simultaneously with your body in one harmonious treatment. At times mirroring each other, while at other times alternating the flow, like waves on the shore lapping over your body.


When you have a 4-Hand Massage with two masseurs working on your body, your mind reacts differently. At first you may find yourself trying to keep track of their movements, where each one is and what each one is doing, trying to maintain a picture in you mind. However, very quickly your brain realises it’s no longer sure who is doing what, as you give up up control and surrender to the pleasure.

The Sensual Bodyworks 4-Hand Massage is based on the Adventure massage and can be tailored to your likes and boundaries.

I work with a select number of Associate Masseurs, both male and female. So whether you want the full attention of two male masseurs or explore your bi side with a male and female a 4-Hand Massage could be right for you. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements, you won't regret it.

  • Appointments from 2 hr 30 min / Massage 2 hr from £330 - (prices vary depending on masseur)





A free no obligation call to discuss your requirements.

If you have never had a sensual massage before it can be useful to have a call to discuss what we do, your motivation and what you want to achieve in more detail to make sure it's right for you before booking a treatment.



A relaxing full body sensual massage with gentle arousal.

A relaxing full body sensual massage combined with gentle external arousal. The massage is carried out on a naked body allowing free-flowing strokes. The treatment finishes with a head and face massage. All massages are tailored to your requirements.




Experience the decadence of a 4 hands sensual massage.

A truly indulgent experience you won't forget. This is a powerful treatment, perfect for those that have a hard time completely letting go and relaxing. Based on the Adventure sensual massage.. Read More...



A relaxing full body semi-sensual massage.


A relaxing full body semi-sensual massage with no intimate touch or deliberate arousal. This can be taken as a naturist massage on a naked body which allows it to be free flowing and can treat all areas such as buttocks and breasts that are avoided with a typical Spa massage. If preferred underwear can be worn for your modesty and comfort. The treatment starts and finishes with a head massage. All massages are tailored to your requirements. Read More...



A relaxing full body sensual massage with full arousal.

A relaxing full body sensual massage with external and internal erotic stimulation, tailored to your likes, desires and boundaries. The massage is given to a naked body allowing free-flowing and sensual strokes and optionally includes a head, face and foot massage. Read More...

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Options for couples wanting to enjoy sensual massage together.

Many couples reach a point in their relationship where they fantasise about involving others in their intimate life. A so called monogamish lifestyle can provide a real shot of adrenaline to many relationships and is usually a sign of a couple that have great communication, trust and love for each other. Read More...




You may have many questions you would like answering before making a booking. Feel free to get in touch with any that you have. Many may have already been asked and are answered on the FAQ page.



You can read reviews of Sensual Bodyworks on a number of independent review sites including Trustpilot, Google, Tripadvisor and Scoot. Reviews are especially useful for people thinking of visiting for the first time so don't forget to leave your own after a visit. Reviews can also be seen all in one place on this site for your convenience.

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