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"Do not miss out!... Jools is a very attentive, considerate and respectful person. Immediately, he’ll make you feel at ease and never once were we made to feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Do not let your preconceptions or nerves make you miss out on a really professional and exceptional experience."

Dec 23 - RE (25-29) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing... What an amazing, relaxing and satisfying morning I spent with Jools. A revisit is definitely on the cards."

Nov 23 - Andie (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"We had a great experience... We had a great experience, I was a little nervous at first but was made to feel so comfortable after a chat, the massage was AMAZING, best I’ve ever had. It was an all around great experience. The music playing in the background just topped it off."

Nov 23 - customer (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"First Time Experience... Me and my partner visited Jools for the first time. I was extremely nervous going into the unknown but instantly felt at ease once we all started chatting prior to the experience. I am notoriously bad at switching my mind off but the beautiful location, room and Jools’ calm vibe certainly helped with that.
Me and my partner have already talked about potentially re-booking in the future as I think it might be even better now we are more aware of what worked and what we enjoyed.
Thanks Jools, we are very grateful X"

Nov 23 - NLD (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure massage... I had the Adventure massage and it was the best massage I have ever had.

I was a little apprehensive beforehand, but I was put at ease as soon as I met Jools.

All aspects of the massage were wonderful, the variation in touch and sensation was incredible, would definitely recommend it. I am already planning a return visit."

Oct 23 - Toni (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Definitely recommend... I was very nervous about booking this appointment and it took a while for me to do so. But when I finally plucked up the courage, I was so glad I did. Jools made me feel comfortable from the start and answered all the questions I had. I live with a chronic pain condition and since seeing Jools, my pain has decreased, my muscle tension has reduced and most importantly my confidence has returned."

Oct 23 - Claire (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"10/10 service... Incredible experience that I'd highly recommend. The treatment room has a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and Jools is professional yet friendly - you know you're in safe hands."

Sep 23 - TwinMum (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing 1st time experience... As this was my 1st time I was a little anxious. But Jools has this amazing ability to make you feel at ease.


Prior to my treatment we chatted about various things, a chance to get to know a little about each other. Felt like I'd known him forever. Then he explained what to expect & gave me the opportunity to ask questions.


The treatment room was very relaxing, the warmth, candle lights & the overall decor. The treatment I had was ADVENTURE & I highly recommend it espesially if its your 1st time. It was very enjoyable & included some apects which were mindblowing.


I would & already have recommended Jools & I look forward to trying out a different treatment on my next visit."

Aug 23 - Debs (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Unique, relaxing and sensual experience... For my first experience with Jools reading all the reviews here was incredibly helpful for me to get an understanding of what to expect however, now having experienced his massages on numerous occasions I can honestly say that each time has genuinely been a unique experience.


Jools gets to know you as a person, has the ability to read your needs at that time and then tailors each experience to exactly that.


Regardless of what you are looking for, I have no doubt you will find it here and having now experience the outside setting, it truly is the most beautiful, relaxing and peaceful setting that leaves you feeling like yourself again."

Jul 23 - Sparks (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Relax Semi Sensual Massage... After reading many reviews on here and many discussions, me and my husband decided to book the Relax massage for myself. It was our first time doing anything like this and I have to say it was a brilliant experience from start to finish. 

We arrived for the appointment and were welcomed in by Jools. The 3 of us sat and had a chat before hand which was very calming and broke the ice perfectly. Jools is a lovely man. Very caring and attentive. We felt like we had known him years before even going into the massage room which was very reassuring for me and my husband.

We were then shown to the treatment room which was very clean, warm and smelt lovely and he left for me to prepare myself. 

The treatment was super relaxing and definitely did more for me than expected. During the massage I felt like time had stopped. I was so relaxed and didn’t want it to end but the hour flew by! 

My husband also enjoyed watching the massage too. He said it was therapeutic to watch me so relaxed and enjoying myself so much. 

I will definitely book again 100% and we’re looking forward to our next visit."

Jun 23 - Gemma (40-44) - Relax - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Max... I’ve had two adventure max sessions with Jools and both have been just amazing! I am so glad I went ahead and booked. I’d never done anything like this before, every woman should experience this! I was made to feel at ease straight away. Jools is warm and friendly and makes the time to chat before and after the massage ensuring that you are relaxed and he is happy to answer any questions you may have. The massage was wonderful and far exceeded expectations on both visits.


The massage itself is indulgent and relaxing. Every inch of your body is explored and his touch sent tingles down my spine. It was the most pleasurable 2.5 hours my body has experienced! Both times I left feeling very relaxed and euphoric - Jools definitely knows how to use his hands and is VERY good at what he does! I was in need of a good release and climaxed several times, it was amazing and I didn’t want it to end - The intense pleasure was on another level. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I think I’m going to be a regular client 😉 thanks Jools, already looking forward to the next time xx"

Jun 23 - Anon (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I always feel better about myself after... I always feel better about myself after I have spent time with Jools - equally with the massage and the chat before and after. Looking forward to the next occasion!


Jun 23 - customer (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Something special from someone so superbly caring and professional at the same time... I was looking for a sensual masseuse after a bad experience with another and Joel's came up. I contacted him on WhatsApp and he was selflessly talking to me out of hours....putting my mind at ease.


After checking out reviews/videos and discussing my needs and personal situation. I booked then and there. He even walked me through that as was nervy about the cost but I need not have been. Well worth every penny.


I have now had 2 Adventure massages and neither were same routine and felt like he used intuition to read my body's reaction. But just parts of the normal relax section of the massage felt so comforting and nice the sensual side were a bonus. There is a part of the massage that feels like a hug and for me...I would of paid for 3 hours of that as it made me feel so good/ stronger than any climax from sensual.


My initial reason for booking was for self confidence, therapy from trauma and just something purely selfless pleasure. The highlights of the massages for me were his location and venuè is beautiful and very private. You feel very welcome and relaxed when he 1st sees you at the door.


You don't feel like "just another client" as he gives you plenty of time before the massage to talk about everything and àlso offers his advice, during the massage you feel like time has frozen and its just you and him and nothing else matters, then after you are given plenty of time to "come down" and he makes sure you are happy and his shower facilties are 2nd to none. If anything they are the perfect way to come back down to earth and reality. Thinking of buying one myself. I will be coming back for my 3rd very soon.


But the one thing I can't stress strongly and personally about Jools and Sensual Bodyworks is whatever your reason for wanting a sensual massage of any kind please talk to him. There is no such thing as a silly question or nothing he hasn't heard.

My reason was part of my recovery from PTSD from abuse and when I told him this he made sure it was suitable but I got an immediate sense he cared about me as a person more than a client. So please drop any concerns/questions/requests his way and he will do his best.


Jun 23 - Sara (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Yesterday was such a lovely experience... for me on so many levels. I really enjoyed the time given to chat on arrival in your lovely lounge. I found our conversation very interesting and just to talk to someone about the journey my husband and I seem to be on was lovely. There certainly is a lot of guilt and shame muddled in for me and our chat just made me feel more secure about my feelings and desires. The fact I had completed the form and then we were able to talk things through meant that by the time we went into the massage room I felt secure you knew exactly what I wanted and therefore my brain could switch off! The massage was incredible, the time taken for me alone and the feelings it evoked was such an indulgent experience. The gradual work up and then the erotic massage certainly did it for me! I needed that yesterday and feel so much better!


Although my husband and I have been exploring together this was my first experience alone. Although I had the green light from him I was nervous but also really excited to just be me and explore something just for my own pleasure. Jools you were the perfect man for this. A gentleman, skilled, professional and so, so good at finding the parts of me that needed touch as well as being happy to do some of the things with me I knew would lead to total satisfaction!


The decadence of your lovely home really put me at ease. Nothing seedy, just very normal and beautiful.

I will certainly be returning, either alone or as a couple and would really like to sign up for a party when we are ready.

Thanks again Jools. Concentrating at work today was not easy!!"

Mar 23 - Louise (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"We visited as a couple and met the... amazing Jools. We opted for the cuckold/adventure experience and the wife was in ecstasy. Not only did she feel completely at ease and had an amazing erotic experience, Jools delivered an absolutely superb massage and really knows his way around a woman’s body. It was one of the best afternoons of our lives and she is still smiling now. We will be back soon and do not hesitate in booking, you will not be disappointed"

Mar 23 - Roger (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Euphoric and Enpowering... I visited Jools for the first time a couple of days ago and all I can say is WOW!

I took the "Adventure" package and although I did wonder for many weeks “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”, I am so glad that I went through with it.
I didn't really know what to expect but I do know that Jools exceeded my expectations. 

From the moment I stepped through Jools’ front door, I felt at ease. Nothing about my experience felt seedy or sordid. Jools read my authorisation form thoroughly before I arrived and then discussed in length with me my reasons for visiting. Before I even got on the massage table, I felt like I had known him for years.

When I entered the massage room, I was already comfortable, but the heating, lighting and music just took my comfort to a whole new level.

Throughout my session, Jools made sure I was ok several times and at no point did he breach any of my boundaries.
After my session, Jools gave me all the time I needed to relax, talk with him and shower. I left feeling clean and euphoric which was the exact opposite of how I thought I would feel.

Jools is a master of his craft, and I will be a returning customer for sure. 
If you are reading this review and hesitating ..... don't!! Book and see for yourself that all the amazing reviews about Jools are in fact true. You will not regret it!"

Mar 23 - Claire (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Different from any other massage... Visiting Sensual Bodyworks for a massage is the ultimate experience, unrushed, clean, professional, there is absolutely no feeling of 'seediness', everything has been considered to the benefit of the client.
Jools has a fabulous way of calmly taking charge during the treatment, whilst making you feel confident enough to relax and enjoy."

Feb 23 - Sweet Spot (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Relax Semi-Sensual Massage, 1st timer... Sensual Bodyworks' website is incredibly thorough. There is plenty of information to help you understand what you will experience. Communication prior to the booking was friendly and transparent, and included guidance for locating the venue.

Upon arrival, it was clear the venue was secure and was a beautiful building/home.

Jools chatted to me first to give me time for any questions and help me relax, then took me through to the treatment/ experience room. As explain on the website, there is a bathroom if needed, and then the main room is warm, dimly light with candles with quite music to make the atmosphere relaxing. Jools left for me to get ready and gave plenty of time.
I had the Relax experience, which was as described on the website. At no point did I feel any boundaries were ignored, Jools checked in a feel times throughout the experience to make sure I was fine...The massage was soothing for my body, enough pressure but not a deep massage. I enjoyed the use of hands and other 'tools' to create different sensations. I personally found the Relax experience arousing, but it was not erotic.

For those not sure about a sensual massage, I would recommend the Relax, and just be clear on your form/when you speak with Jools about what you are happy for him to do as part of your experience.

After the experience I had time to gather myself, have a drink of water, use the bathroom if I wanted. I then went to where we first had a chat and we had a post-experience conversation. Again, this put me at ease and in a way helps to 'normalise' the whole experience and gave it that professional element I was used to from a regular massage. Will definitely book again."

Jan 23 - Holly (30-34) - Relax - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Beautiful Breathtaking Experience... I have seen Jools a few times now and the massage experience in itself is phenomenal and couldn't be in a more beautiful relaxing enviroment, I can’t recommend enough to anyone. 
But for me, he offers a space where I can feel safe, relaxed, and be my true self without judgement. 
I can appear to be a very confident person but im not, like most people I have anxieties about my body and generally feel overwhelmed with daily life however, from the very first session he was so incredibly welcoming, non judgemental and somehow just knows my needs more than I do.
If you're still wondering if this is for you or not all i can say is......It's one of those moments where everything in your head just stops, and you can experience such a beautiful breathtaking silence."

Jan 23 - Sparks (40-44) - Sensual Surrender - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Max... This was my first experience In sensual massage. I had the most amazing experience. From start to finish was still smiling about it the next day. Already planning on going back with my husband."

Jan 23 - Yvonne (45-49) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I met jools over a year ago, his touch was amazing, it was the most erotic sensual feeling ever, i orgasmed numerous times and we ended it with an extra - i want to go back - but the costing is the issue- but honestly best experience ever, i still think of it until today and have tried numerous others but nothing compares to jools x"

Jan 23 - Mandy Mandy - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

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