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"Our very first adventure... Our 2pm visit on the 21st June 2024 - Summer solstice day!


We are a mature couple, and this was our very first venture into anything as near as daring as a sensual massage.


There are so many complimentary revues on Trustpilot of Jools and his rural treatment venue that we don’t feel we need to repeat them; we can though, wholeheartedly endorse everything positive that has been written.


For me, this experience has been a fantasy for decades. My wife has always been aware of my fantasy but has been reluctant to indulge me. Anyway, very recently that all changed so my mission became to find a trustworthy masseur in a pleasant and discreet location. When we found Jools and his SBW website we had no doubt that this was the right choice for us. And it most definitely was. Jools made the whole experience perfect.


We opted for the relax massage with the possibility to progress to the explore massage. My wife completed the explore request form with quite reserved answers e.g. no blindfold, no stimulation of the erogenous zones etc, - the most daring answers she gave were a couple of unsure(s). Nonetheless, for both of us this was still a huge leap forward into exploring our sensual and sexual side.


The day, the hour came – we arrived. We were both nervous (and body conscious) but after a nice chat with Jools we felt relaxed and safe. We were reassured that we had made the right choice. After being given time to prepare, the massage begins, and all is well. After some time of a very relaxing therapeutic massage, Jools asked my wife if she wanted to continue with the relax or progress to the explore. After a few seconds she replied, “I’ll go for the explore” This just blew my mind – it is testimony to Jools and his sensual expertise! From then on it became a bit of a blur. The sensual part of the massage was sublime for both of us. With the expert hands of Jools, her body seduced her mind - and her mind seduced her body – she was now in ‘the pleasure zone’ eventually leading to some heavy breathing and pleasurable moans – then, albeit slightly muted, it happened…………


For me this was the most exciting and cathartic experience ever. Like a young boy on Christmas Day! I could go on, but I won’t indulge myself anymore and bore you with my fantasy. Try for yourself!


A big thankyou to Jools, the Genei of sensuality. We hope to be back soon.


Sincerely J & Y"

July 24 - J & Y (55-59) - Explore - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Jools is a first-class massage trainer... I travelled from Switzerland to learn Jool's massage technique. There were four massage sessions over 2 days with 4 volunteers. Firstly a huge thanks to the volunteers for their time and trust. They all said how much they enjoyed the four-handed massage - I know they could tell which hands were doing the magic (Jools' obviuously) and which were more hesitant and yet they wre graceful about it and visibly had a pleasurable time. As a teacher Jools was superb- friendly, patient and didactic; as a masseur, masterful. I was also struck by the warm and trusting relationship he had with his clients who volunteered that day. Overall the training course exceeded my expectations by far and I think Jool's clients are fortunate to be in his competent and expertly sensuous hands.


July 24 - Joel (55-59) - Training - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Free to be me - fantastic experience... My third or fourth visit to this stunning place. Jools is a really lovely guy and makes you feel at ease as soon as you get there. He is interesting and good to chat to. Once in the treatment room wow. I have had adventure massages before but had a surrender session today. Tailored to my preferences and likes and felt completely safe to let go and trust. I was shy at first but soon forgot about it and Jools was wonderful. Cannot recommend this place enough. Another brilliant visit!"

June 24 - Louise (35-39) - Sensual Surrender - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Deeply sensual, kind and safe... I have been to see Jools several times now for an Adventure Massage. Each time has felt different and yet equally amazing! Jools is highly professional and an expert at what he does. More than this, however, he is gentle, kind and understanding. He has incredibly kind hands. The atmosphere that he creates in his massage room is one of sensuousness and intimacy, as well as feeling very secure and safe. A massage at Sensual Bodyworks feels like stepping into another place, completely removed from daily life, designed for optimum pleasure, relaxation and comfort. Not only is there a clear sense of care being taken during the massage, but Jools has a wonderful knack of making people feel at ease and fully involved in the massage. I have visited several times with my partner, as he enjoys seeing how much pleasure I get from the massage. Jools is very inclusive and relaxed and makes both myself and my partner feel very welcome. He also facilitates throughout the massage a sense of freedom, acceptance and release. Best of all, the sense of intimacy and sensuousness he creates spills over into my every day life, positively influencing how I feel about myself, my body and my sexuality. It has had an invaluable impact on my sex life and relationship with my partner. The whole experience feels like being held in a very safe, beautiful and deeply sensual place and leaves me walking on air for days after. I highly recommend this experience to anyone."

May 24 - F & D (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"A Fantastic Experience... I went to see Jules out of a need of a great massage, curiosity, and a means of education (I am a sensual masseuse myself and love a chance to learn and expand my skills and knowledge).


I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed, and that the experience totally exceeded my expectations. I’d booked the Adventure massage and was a little nervous as I pulled into the driveway, but any nerves went away when Jules greeted me at the door and let me into his lounge for a chat. He has a very warm energy and immediately we were talking as if we’ve known each other a long while.


Then he led me to the massage room - which I must say, is absolutely beautiful - and allowed me a few minutes to have a shower and get myself ready. I Showered and lay down on the Massage bed in a thick towel. The ambient lighting and soft, hazy playlist made it easy to slip into a relaxing state before Jules even re-entered the room.


When he came in, he softly explained to me what we would be doing and reassured me that he would be checking up on me during certain points of the Massage to see if I was okay.


I was okay ☺️ The Massage itself was absolutely delicious. Starting on my back side and flipping over half way to do my front. Long, gliding strokes along my limbs, fingers in my hair and strokes on my neck. Having your breasts massaged is something not really offered by “normal” massages in the UK, which is a shame, because it’s absolutely divine. Jules used his own body to rest my legs into position at times which was a very nice touch, and helped create some intimate energy. The sensual parts of the massage were implemented smoothly and intermittently, which built tension and arousal for the ending “yoni massage”. I’d also like to point out that I wasn’t expecting anything in regards to a crescendo - I was just going there to enjoy the Massage and let what ever happened, happen… But it did happen. I was giggling afterwards and took a few moments to come back down to earth while Jules just held space for me.


Afterward, he left me in the room to take a shower and get myself ready.


We had another quick chat before I left and I drove home with a smile on my face and an inner peace which lasted all night. I slept like a baby.


I’m definitely going to return whenever I fancy giving myself a treat. And I encourage anybody who has wanted to try a sensual Massage to start with Jules. His services are outstanding, and his work surroundings make for luxurious experience.


See you soon Jules, thanks again 🤍"

May 24 - Jayde (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Indulgence does not do this justice... For any of you ladies out there that have considered having a sensual massage but have been to afraid too, then Sensual Bodyworks is definitely the place that I have to recommend. I have been visiting for a while and each time the massages have been bespoke to how I have felt on the day, and I have not been left disappointed at any time.


After having built my body and self confidence up by Jools, and after lengthy conversations, I took the plunge and asked him to arrange a 4 hand massage, he really did not disappoint in his chosen masseur to assist.


After being introduced to Kevin at Jools beautiful home, with a cuppa and chat before hand to discuss what I was anticipating / expecting from the massage I went and got settled ready. Both Jools and Kevin at all times were nothing but respectful, kind, courteous and gentle.


To say this massage was indulgent does not do it justice, it really was the most wonderful and beautiful experience. I could not have wished for two gentler, kinder gentleman, who clearly have their clients best interests in their hearts, to have done this massage.


With both gentlemen having their own skill sets in massage, they utilised these skills harmoniously and in sync with each other and this worked perfectly.


There was nothing seedy of sordid about it at all, just pure gentleness and a pleasure like nothing else I have experienced before.


I personally think every lady needs to experience this massage, you really will not be left disappointed. I will certainly be booking another one in the very near future. Thank you Jools and Kevin, exceptional masters of your craft."


May 24 - Shan (55-59) - 4 Hands - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Every woman should experience this!... I have had some experience with sensual/ erotic massage in the past, and I was curious to see what Jools had to offer. I was impressed by the extensive information provided on the website, as well as a short introductory phone call with Jools, during which he put me at ease. My Adventure massage was everything I had hoped for. Jools seemed to know intuitively what I wanted from the experience and went above and beyond to provide it. And we enjoyed a lovely conversation afterwards. The massage room is impeccably clean, well-appointed and relaxing. I left deeply satisfied and relaxed. That night I slept better than I have in ages. I will definitely be returning soon!"

Apr 24 - Kerry (45-49) - Explore - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Deeply sensual and relaxing... I have had some experience with sensual/ erotic massage in the past, and I was curious to see what Jools had to offer. I was impressed by the extensive information provided on the website, as well as a short introductory phone call with Jools, during which he put me at ease. My Adventure massage was everything I had hoped for. Jools seemed to know intuitively what I wanted from the experience and went above and beyond to provide it. And we enjoyed a lovely conversation afterwards. The massage room is impeccably clean, well-appointed and relaxing. I left deeply satisfied and relaxed. That night I slept better than I have in ages. I will definitely be returning soon!"

Mar 24 - F Smith (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Massage for my wife - cuckold... We booked a sensual massage for my wife and opted for the adventure cuckold massage. Julian explained in detail the massage my wife and I had chosen. He made us both feel very relaxed. The venue was perfect. Very peaceful. My wife got undressed and I placed a towel over her. Julian left us to settle in the room and I was able to take a seat and make myself comfortable. The music and mood was all perfect for the massage and my wife felt very relaxed. In terms of the massage itself, my wife stated it was by far the best she had ever experienced. Julian is a master of his craft. It was so good to see my wife enjoying his massage technique. From relaxing her shoulders and back to her arms and legs. My wife was in pure heaven. When it came to the sensual side, my wife was very settled and comfortable. He massaged her buttocks well and between her legs. Arched her back up so her bum was raised and gave her multiple orgasms. To witness this was incredible. She was not left wanting. He delivered everything she needed and more. If you think you would enjoy this experience, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Julian gave great pleasure to my wife and she left extremely satisfied. In total she had 3 incredible orgasms. All in all it was a great experience and one we will certainly cherish."

Mar 24 - John & Marie (35-39) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"My first explore session... This was my first session with Jools and I was blown away by the whole experience. I’ve never had a sensual massage before and I was quite nervous about a few aspects, but Jools made me feel at ease and spent time making sure I was comfortable before, during and after my session. It really helped me release some stored emotional that I’d been holding onto for a long time ( even had a few tears at the end) I had such a positive experience, I left feeling incredibly relaxed and contented.
I will definitely be returning for future treatments."

Jan 24 - Colette (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I visited Jools for the first time and...  felt very nervous at the beginning but he engaged me on different areas of discussion and felt like we have known each other for a long time. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and also asked if i had any questions before showing me to the treatment room which was beautiful with the warmth, soft music, decorations and candle lights.

The treatment I had was ADVENTURE and it was mind blowing and amazing, much more than i ever imagined. I enjoyed every aspect of it and would highly recommend it for anyone. He is also very lovely, caring and highly professional and I already look forward to my next visit with him soon.

Thanks a lot Jools, you made me feel so good."

Jan 24 - Ola (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Do not miss out!... Jools is a very attentive, considerate and respectful person. Immediately, he’ll make you feel at ease and never once were we made to feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Do not let your preconceptions or nerves make you miss out on a really professional and exceptional experience."

Dec 23 - RE (25-29) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing... What an amazing, relaxing and satisfying morning I spent with Jools. A revisit is definitely on the cards."

Nov 23 - Andie (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"We had a great experience... We had a great experience, I was a little nervous at first but was made to feel so comfortable after a chat, the massage was AMAZING, best I’ve ever had. It was an all around great experience. The music playing in the background just topped it off."

Nov 23 - customer (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"First Time Experience... Me and my partner visited Jools for the first time. I was extremely nervous going into the unknown but instantly felt at ease once we all started chatting prior to the experience. I am notoriously bad at switching my mind off but the beautiful location, room and Jools’ calm vibe certainly helped with that.
Me and my partner have already talked about potentially re-booking in the future as I think it might be even better now we are more aware of what worked and what we enjoyed.
Thanks Jools, we are very grateful X"

Nov 23 - NLD (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure massage... I had the Adventure massage and it was the best massage I have ever had.

I was a little apprehensive beforehand, but I was put at ease as soon as I met Jools.

All aspects of the massage were wonderful, the variation in touch and sensation was incredible, would definitely recommend it. I am already planning a return visit."

Oct 23 - Toni (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Definitely recommend... I was very nervous about booking this appointment and it took a while for me to do so. But when I finally plucked up the courage, I was so glad I did. Jools made me feel comfortable from the start and answered all the questions I had. I live with a chronic pain condition and since seeing Jools, my pain has decreased, my muscle tension has reduced and most importantly my confidence has returned."

Oct 23 - Claire (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"10/10 service... Incredible experience that I'd highly recommend. The treatment room has a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and Jools is professional yet friendly - you know you're in safe hands."

Sep 23 - TwinMum (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing 1st time experience... As this was my 1st time I was a little anxious. But Jools has this amazing ability to make you feel at ease.


Prior to my treatment we chatted about various things, a chance to get to know a little about each other. Felt like I'd known him forever. Then he explained what to expect & gave me the opportunity to ask questions.


The treatment room was very relaxing, the warmth, candle lights & the overall decor. The treatment I had was ADVENTURE & I highly recommend it espesially if its your 1st time. It was very enjoyable & included some apects which were mindblowing.


I would & already have recommended Jools & I look forward to trying out a different treatment on my next visit."

Aug 23 - Debs (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Unique, relaxing and sensual experience... For my first experience with Jools reading all the reviews here was incredibly helpful for me to get an understanding of what to expect however, now having experienced his massages on numerous occasions I can honestly say that each time has genuinely been a unique experience.


Jools gets to know you as a person, has the ability to read your needs at that time and then tailors each experience to exactly that.


Regardless of what you are looking for, I have no doubt you will find it here and having now experience the outside setting, it truly is the most beautiful, relaxing and peaceful setting that leaves you feeling like yourself again."

Jul 23 - Sparks (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Relax Semi Sensual Massage... After reading many reviews on here and many discussions, me and my husband decided to book the Relax massage for myself. It was our first time doing anything like this and I have to say it was a brilliant experience from start to finish. 

We arrived for the appointment and were welcomed in by Jools. The 3 of us sat and had a chat before hand which was very calming and broke the ice perfectly. Jools is a lovely man. Very caring and attentive. We felt like we had known him years before even going into the massage room which was very reassuring for me and my husband.

We were then shown to the treatment room which was very clean, warm and smelt lovely and he left for me to prepare myself. 

The treatment was super relaxing and definitely did more for me than expected. During the massage I felt like time had stopped. I was so relaxed and didn’t want it to end but the hour flew by! 

My husband also enjoyed watching the massage too. He said it was therapeutic to watch me so relaxed and enjoying myself so much. 

I will definitely book again 100% and we’re looking forward to our next visit."

Jun 23 - Gemma (40-44) - Relax - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Max... I’ve had two adventure max sessions with Jools and both have been just amazing! I am so glad I went ahead and booked. I’d never done anything like this before, every woman should experience this! I was made to feel at ease straight away. Jools is warm and friendly and makes the time to chat before and after the massage ensuring that you are relaxed and he is happy to answer any questions you may have. The massage was wonderful and far exceeded expectations on both visits.


The massage itself is indulgent and relaxing. Every inch of your body is explored and his touch sent tingles down my spine. It was the most pleasurable 2.5 hours my body has experienced! Both times I left feeling very relaxed and euphoric - Jools definitely knows how to use his hands and is VERY good at what he does! I was in need of a good release and climaxed several times, it was amazing and I didn’t want it to end - The intense pleasure was on another level. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I think I’m going to be a regular client 😉 thanks Jools, already looking forward to the next time xx"

Jun 23 - Anon (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I always feel better about myself after... I always feel better about myself after I have spent time with Jools - equally with the massage and the chat before and after. Looking forward to the next occasion!


Jun 23 - customer (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

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