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"Can’t speak highly enough about this experience... I had sensual touch party. Was so relaxing. So pleasurable. I have never felt so safe. So able to let go and relax. The location is absolutely wonderful. Comfortable. Private and welcoming. The place where takes place is really a great space and atmosphere. Jools is just the most interesting guy. Make sure very body in party happy. He has a chat with with all of us before sensual touch party start so we get to know each other and feel safe. I was majorly nervous as never done something like that before I had few times massage with Jools and he always make me feel comfortable but when it came to it I didn’t even have one hang up because I felt safe. If you are wondering if you should take the plunge - do it. I live miles away but I would have no second thoughts about travelling just to get another massage from him or sensual touch party again."

June 22 - rk (40-44) - Touch Party - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"AMAZING!! Touch Party Magic!!!... I attended a Touch Party for the first time and definitely be going again! It included a small group of 12 people, couples and singles and the mix was perfect Jules is a delightful host and has a knack of getting the right people together. We all introduced ourselves with a drink and canapés which helped relax everyone before we all changed into whatever we bought along to help the mood We moved through to the massage room with 3 tables at which point two ladies along with myself volunteered to be massaged All I can say being blindfolded, I never knew whose hands were on me which just heightened everything and as the evening wore on the mood became even more relaxed with switching from masseur to massaged which ensured everyone enjoyed everything I met some amazing people and can’t wait for the next one. Well done Jules for yet another explosive evening 👌👌"

June 22 - Karin (50-54) - Touch Party - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"A couple looking to spice up their sex life​... If you’re looking on here, you’re probably feeling quite intrigued, maybe a bit nervous and perhaps looking for some reassurance. Let me help put your mind at rest. We are a couple in our thirties and have been together for half our lives, since we were teenagers. We have such a strong relationship, have always communicated and shared our fantasy’s and have been intrigued about exploring for some time, but didn’t quite know where to start, as we weren’t 100% sure what it was that we wanted and also didn’t want to do anything we may regret. One of our fantasy’s was always to involve another man and as exciting as the fantasy was, I wasn’t sure whether I was quite ready for the full shabang! My husband suggested a sensual massage and had clearly been doing his research, when one night in bed he began showing me the videos he’d subscribed to on the Sensual Bodyworks website. From this moment, I was intrigued, excited and extremely turned on at the thought. So let’s just say that had us distracted for a while! We spoke about it more and more and my husband forwarded me the request form which really helped us to talk through what we did and didn’t want, yet got us very distracted again at the thought of what was to come! We returned the form, paid our deposit and it all felt very real. With this being our first of any experience we felt such a mixture of emotions: excited, nervous, questioning if we were doing the right thing and also very horny, all at the same time! Our sex on the run up to the massage became so intense. The evening arrived and Jools arrived (at our house, which was our personal choice), all the emotions we had became even more intense and the moment we met Jools, we felt at ease, relaxed and more than ready for the massage. We don’t want to ruin anyones experience, but what we will say is that, it was an experience like no other, my husband joined in throughout the massage, we both had such an unforgettable experience and are so pleased we took this as our first step into exploring and intensifying our sex life. In our opinion, the message is one piece of the puzzle; the run up to the massage, the fantasising, the actual massage and after the massage is all part of the experience. To conclude, it has been a first having 5 orgasms within 12 hours for us both. Until next time… thanks Jools and hopefully see you soon!"

June 22 - Carrie (30-34) - Adventure Visit You - Scoot 5 Stars


"WOW WOW WOW 😍​... I have been for several Adventure Massages with Jools but yesterday was the best by far ! Jools has expert hands and knows just how to use them .His touch is amazing and I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life . When it came to the intimate part of the massage it was complete ecstasy and took me to Cloud 9 and above . Ladies if this kind of massage interests you don’t hesitate just book ! Jools is an amazing masseur and a perfect gentleman and tailors every session to your individual needs and desires …I can’t recommend him highly enough …Can’t wait till my next adventure !!"

May 22 - Carol-Ann (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Best massage ever​... I don’t usually write reviews but on this occasion felt the need as we found previous posts really helpful in making a decision to use Sensual Bodyworks. The previous posts were spot on. Felt totally at ease, safe and came away feeling refreshed and recharged. Looking to rebook real soon."

May 22 - customer (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Can’t speak highly enough about this experience​... I had an adventure max massage today. Was so relaxing. So pleasurable. I have never felt so safe. So able to let go and relax. The location is absolutely wonderful. Comfortable. Private and welcoming. The place where the massage takes place is really a great space and atmosphere. Jools is just the most interesting guy. Great communication beforehand. Welcoming and put me at ease right away. He has a chat with you before leaving you to get ready for the massage. He is one of the most intuitive people I have ever had a massage off. He seemed to know what I liked and didn’t. I was majorly nervous about one part of my body beforehand. When it came to it I didn’t even have one hang up because I felt safe. If you are wondering if you should take the plunge - do it. I live miles away. I went as I have a meeting near his home. I would have no second thoughts about travelling just to get another massage from him. Seriously. It was that good."

May 22 - Louise (35-39) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Beautiful, safe and sexy... I have been to visit Sensual Bodyworks several times now for an Adventure Massage and each time has been wonderful for both body and soul in different ways. This time around, I was tired, stressed and quite tense when I arrived, but Jools was able to put me at ease. During the massage I felt supported and relaxed and a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Jools has expert hands and skills in prioritising pleasure, but is also caring and responsive and I have found him to be excellent at pitching the massage at where I am at in myself. He has the beautiful skill of being able to hold the space for his clients in a way that breeds confidence and a strong sense of safety. He is exceptionally professional and the service he provides is impeccable. My massage last week left me feeling deeply satisfied as well as light as a feather and full of warmth. I'm still feeling the benefits of it now, a week on. I highly recommend Sensual Bodyworks to anyone who is curious or considering a sensual massage, it is a beautiful, safe and sexy environment in which to explore."

Apr 22 - F & D (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Friday morning adventure... My partner and I attended Sensual Bodyworks on Friday of last week, and it was an experience not to be forgotten. I was treated to a full adventure massage, and it allowed my mind to completely switch off for the whole experience and focus on the pleasure and thrill of warm hands exploring my entire body, while my partner observed. The room was very comfortable and luxurious, and the sensations were incredible. A very competent masseur and made us feel very welcome and very at ease. I would definitely return again for a four handed massage or perhaps try the hot stones also. Can highly recommend as you'll feel truly relaxed for hours afterwards."

Mar 22 - Chris (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Talented hands.... so so talented... I was a little apprehensive being dropped off however, I was put at ease with a little light conversation and a bit of background on how the business came to be. The treatment room is really lovely decorated with an ensuite shower room. Its a very relaxing and professional setup.

I have had plenty of experience having diffrent types of spa massage however, this type of massage was something very new to me. The adventure with hot stones was truly tailored to me. Julian over delivered with his combined techniques of relaxing massage and awakening of the senses. He has very skilled and talented hands.

He was able to release the knots and tensions of the areas of my body which I had mentioned needed work, using just the right amount of pressure. He was also paying a good amount of attention to the parts of my body that ensured my arousal, the effects of which I am still feeling well over 24 hours later. All through the massage Julian checked in with me, making sure I was ok mostly through the squeezing of hands allowing me to fully concentrate on the sensations and feelings through the whole experience. 

I am grateful to have had this experience, and I'd be happy to visit again in the future."

Mar 22 - Val (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"We were really looking forward to this... We were really looking forward to this experience as the reviews on the website had been so good. Whilst the masseur was polite and the surroundings pleasant my partner felt that he needed a course in female anatomy as he didnt seem to know what he was doing. He tried to use a satisfier but got it completely in the wrong position. She left quite dissapointed."

Reply from Sensual Bodyworks... Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on behalf of your partner, I'm very sorry to hear she felt disappointed with the visit. I work hard to create a nice environment, to help people to feel comfortable and provide relaxing and enjoyable massages so I am surprised by some of your comments and especially the extremely low (lowest) overall rating given. While I have many happy and returning clients clearly something wasn’t right for you for which I can only apologise. Perhaps you were looking for something else or there is more to this I'm not aware of. Either way in the circumstances I feel the only remedy I can offer is a refund."

Mar 22 - Anonymous - Unknown - Trustpilot 1 Star

Screenshot 2022-03-12 at 11.51.50.png

"Touch Party... This was our first experience of a party of this kind. On arrival all the guests chatted over drinks and canapes which really broke the ice and put us at our ease. Jools made us feel very welcome and got rid of those nerves. We made our way to the massage tables and were all soon involved in one way or another. It was a highly erotic evening, we thoroughly enjoyed the party and we are now looking forward to another one in the future."

Feb 22 - K & S (60-64) - Touch Party - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Perfect gift from my husband... My husband found Sensual Bodyworks website for me to have a look at the different treatments I could book, which gave me lots of information to know what to except with each one. I booked the adventure max, the request form helped to let Jools know beforehand what I wanted or not from the experience. I was very nervous when I arrived but Jools made me feel at ease very quickly and is easy to chat with.


Jools made me feel very safe and that I could trust him throughout the whole massage. Jools knew exactly how and where to touch to give me an experience. I won't forget in a hurry.


I really enjoyed the whole experience and didn't want it to end. I would definitely book again."

Feb 22 - K Forest (40-44) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Fantastic experience of a life time... Fantastic experience for me & my partner. We were bit hesitant in going in house but partner said what the hell let's try it, So we went in house we had talk on subject as we were talking we felt relaxed. Then we both went in massage room stripped off our clothes & lay on massage couch waw what an experience my partner must have had orgasm 3 to 4 time the way masseur was massaging it was experience of life time we would visit again."

Feb 22 - D & J (45-49) - Couples Massage - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"This has been my second visit to Jools... and as on my first visit Jools was nothing more than kind, caring, considerate and respectful as well as having the patience of a saint.
Took me a while, to get relaxed enough to enjoy the massage as I had last time, but with Jools patience and calming presence I finally got there. 
Jools has a unique gift to make you feel comfortable and more importantly safe.
Thank you so much Jools, your one in a million xx."

Feb 22 - SB (55-59) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"4 hands - wonderfully luxurious and indulgent...
This was my sixth massage with Jools and as a treat I chose to have a 4 hands massage with Jools and Kevin. It was a wonderful experience with their hands swirling and flowing all over my body. The sensations were fantastic. Just as the write up on the website suggests, initially I thought about whose hands were going where, my mind following what they were doing, but after a while I lost track and then it didn’t matter anymore. Having 2 people massage me was a luxurious experience and so indulgent! It really felt like time just for me. Both Jools and Kevin were respectful at all times and that meant I could truly relax and enjoy the experience. It was brilliant. Thank you both very much"

Jan 22 - Christine (55-59) - 4 Hand - Google 5 Stars


"Calm, Kind and Courtious...
I had been contemplating having a sensual massage for some considerable time but never having the courage to book one, until I came across Sensual Bodyworks website. I read every single page on the site and every review, and then made initial contact to get further information about the massages. After a telephone consultation with Jools, I did not hesitate in booking in, and taking the majority of reviews on Adventure Massage into account, I booked in. The morning of the massage I had anxieties, inclusive of tears, even whilst driving on the way to get the massage done. On arrival I was instantly put at ease and sat with Jools initially to discuss what the massage is about and what I am comfortable with. Once in the treatment room, and settled on the bed/table the anxiety started to creep in slightly, however Jools in his calm, kind and professional manner soon put those anxieties away for me. Beginning with a head massage, I was soon in a place of absolute calm, the massage itself was heavenly, and in all honestly I didn't want it to stop. I didn't know what to expect from the massage before having it done but I do know that afterwards I felt a lot lot better in myself than I have in a long long time. Jools was calm, kind, courteous and above all professional and made me feel so relaxed, calm and safe. After the massage I had a lovely relaxing shower, which in itself was like having another massage, just being able to relax afterwards in beautiful surroundings made the experience more enjoyable, no rushing, just a lovely calm ambience from start to finish. I would without hesitation recommend Jools to any woman who is thinking about getting a sensual massage done, I am so so glad I found Sensual Bodyworks and will definitely be booking another massage. Thank you Jools for helping me move forward and putting all those anxieties to another place."

Jan 22 - SB (55-59) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Massage therapy an evening well spent...
I was feeling really lethargic and low in mood, I had booked my treatment and had a long drive ahead to get there. Feeling really tired and despondent about pretty much everything, I set off. The drive wasn’t great, at night, roadworks etc.
Finally I arrived, in the country, the camera at the gate spotted me and the iron gates swung open. It felt very much like I had arrived at a retreat in the country.
Jules welcomed me in and we sat and chatted easily, before he invited me into the massage room.
Beautifully decorated, the atmosphere was perfect - dark, warm, candles and my favourite song playing …. How did he know? The music was perfect.
I was left alone to undress and lay down on the massage table, covered with a large warm towel.
The massage began, ah hard pressing on my tired body - just what I needed to start releasing the low mood of my day. I exhaled deeper and deeper with each press against my skin - safe to let go. The bliss that ensued with each touch, feather, stroke and pouring of delicious warm oil on my body, was truly sublime. I felt like I was in a dream state, just allowing myself to forget the world and feel. It was blissful to say the least. Every inch of my body was explored and gently stimulated until at last, I felt at peace again.
After the massage we sat and chatted together in the massage room - it felt easy and comfortable- like visiting a close friend.
It certainly was an evening well spent and I left with a completely changed state of mind and mood. Relaxed and totally at ease. The drive back seemed easier and once home, I slipped into a deep sleep at last.
Thank you 🙏🏻"

Dec 21 - K (55-59) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars


"Amazing, pleasurable massages… Jools is amazing at massage! The massages he gives are so sublime that the time flies by. I didn’t want them to end. The touch of his hands is so nice and so pleasurable. I feel the massages have also helped me gain a better understanding of my own body. Jools is professional and I felt at ease and respected at all times. I have already booked again."

Dec 21 - Christine (55-59) - Explore - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Wow what an adventure... Wow, I’m in my 50s and my husband booked me this very special treat. Very therapeutic, very soothing and very sensual. Jools is a true professional at all times and any nerves that I had melted as I entered into the beautiful and indulgent experience that I have found very liberating, calming and so much more. I had the adventure massage which I could highly recommend So much to say but the best thing that I could say is, do not hesitate, do it."

Dec 21 - Helen (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Just WOW... I found my first visit to see Jools was an amazing experience, a birthday present from my husband who wanted me to try something more sensual than the usual massages I have had before and I wish I had found about this earlier. Jools makes you feel very comfortable and fully relaxed throughout, a feeling of great liberation and pleasure sweeping over you, giving me a great boost which my hubby has noticed and enjoys the benefits of.
I will most definitely book another Adventure massage with Jools in the New Year.
I would recommend this sensory massage to any woman."

Nov 21 - Customer (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Just amazing I was 36 weeks pregnant... and this is just what I needed. Very nice guy and I'll be be for sure."

Nov 21 - Mel (35-39) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing experience for me and my partner! 😊... Me and my partner have been to a standard couple massage before, but it was nothing compared to this sensual massage. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and relaxing. At first we were kind of shy and not sure if we should go, but after meeting our masseurs, we are happy we did it! Our masseurs was friendly and very professional. We both really enjoyed it and definitely recommend to others. Thank you both for this experience and definitely see you in furniture!"

Nov 21 - Santa (<25) - Couples Massage - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing experience!... This was our first time visiting Jools for a cuckold adventure massage. From the moment we arrived Jools made us feel very welcome and comfortable with his calm professional manner. The massage was everything we wished for and more. Every box we had was ticked without any embarrassment. We were blown away by the whole adventure, Jools massage skills were incredible. We will certainly be back for more."

Oct 21 - Karin (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Massage... Amazing experience!! This was my second visit and the whole thing was incredible from start to finish
Jools makes you feel so comfortable that any apprehension, embarrassment or worry you may have had when you arrived goes straight out the window
I am already planning my third visit! 
Thank you very much for bringing calm back into my life.

Oct 21 - K & S (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing as always... My visits to see Jools at Sensual Bodywoorks just get better each time ! Love every minute of being pampered and go home floating on a cloud of euphoria ! Ladies if you’re hesitating to go stop hesitating you won’t regret it !!"

Oct 21 - Carol-Ann (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"A cathartic therapeutic session… Jools immediately put me at ease by starting with a conversation. After chatting for a while, I was ready. The room was lovely, clean and beautifully decorated. I lay down, closed my eyes and the pleasure began. I trusted Jools completely and I felt safe. I could indulge in a sensory delight, guilt free, totally for me. I’ll definitely go back for more sensual, relaxation treatment."

Dec 21 - KRDOS (55-59) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"An Awesome Adventure... Upon arrival I was made to very welcome and I was put at totally ease. The surroundings are very conducive to the overall feeling of comfort , calmness and serenity. The service provided is amazing. You have a feeling of total relaxation and peace. You are wholeheartedly lost in time and space and your mind is clear of everyday worries. The massage was unconditionally beyond expectations. It was an amazing experience. I would certainly recommend it without a doubt. You will not be disappointed."

Oct 21 - Corra (>65) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Elating, pleasurable and transformative... This was my second visit for an Adventure Massage. It is difficult to put into words how elating, pleasurable and liberating the experience was. Jools is very attentive, considerate and respectful and was very accommodating of our needs and desires. The service he provides is safe, open-minded and caring, as well as being deeply sensual. The experience has had a profoundly tranformative effect on my general enjoyment of sex and my relationship with my partner. I would highly recommend Sensual Bodyworks to anyone."

Sep 21 - F & D (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Had a really good time visiting Jools, he completely put me and my partner at ease. The experience we had was extremely good and was definitely worth the visit and we will definitely be visiting again."

Sep 21 - Elizabeth (<25) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Very professional and informative... training session. I was put at ease from the moment I walked in and made to feel very welcome.

The whole experience was first class and I could not fault in any way."

Sep 21 - Happy Client (35-39) - Training - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing self-care experience. A truly incredible experience that I would recommend wholeheartedly! 
I’ve had the Adventure Massage twice now, once as a client and the second time as a volunteer for a training session. Both were amazing and I left feeling wonderful, very pleased I took the time for my own self-care and wellbeing. 
Jools is excellent at putting people at ease and the location is stunning, absolutely perfect experience all-round!."

Sep 21 - MMT (35-39) - Volunter - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"What an amazing experience. Very friendly and calm atmosphere. The whole experience was out of this world. Will definitely be going back."

Jul 21 - Customer (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Couples Massage... Had a couple massage this weekend. It was a wonderful experience for both of us, it was relaxing, sensual and rekindled our bond between us. 

We had a lovely welcome, made sure we were relaxed, the place is clean, discreet and at a good accessible location.
Love to go back another day when we get time."

Jul 21 - Mat & Liz (40-44) - Couples Massage - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Excellent massage. I was really nervous about going for a massage. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the location, and the masseuse made me feel welcome and at ease. He was professional and friendly. I would definitely go back and recommend it to people."

Aug 21 - Rose (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing out of this world experience... I had my first ever sensual massage experience. I was initially nervous, however from the word go Jools put me at ease with his warm friendly welcome, and wonderful communication skills. I could let go from the daily realities & rediscover myself, throughly enjoying the intense relaxation and pleasure. It was a non judgmental experience & was all about me for Jools which is truly amazing! For those Ladies if you are unsure of booking please don’t, it will be the most amazing experience! Thank you so much Jools."

Jul 21 - Sparkle (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Thanks for a very enjoyable relaxing... yet stimulating massage. The sensations were very varied but always pleasant and at times very exciting. I was made to feel at ease from my arrival and to feel that I was what mattered. I would recommend the experience."

Jul 21 - Mary (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I keep going back to Jools because he... offers a space where I can relax into my sensuality and be me.


Yes I had anxieties about my body shape and my age when I first went - after all, you dont generally show your wobbly bits off to people, certainly not as you are hitting menopause! But he is so welcoming, accepting and non judgemental and it is clear that he enjoys offering this service, without it all being about him!


Now that's something I dont experience very often!."

Jul 21 - Sian (50-54) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Cloud 9... My first sensual relax massage was a tingling gentle and soothing introduction to what looks like a world of loveliness. Both me and my husband were put at ease with clear information and Jools warm welcome. Which was very important for me. The surroundings and rooms are beautiful and help set the scene for relaxation and fun. With everything feeling at my pace whilst leaving me excited for my next massage (which is already booked in!) I felt I was floating for the rest of the day and beyond. Looking forward to further adventures."

Jul 21 - Ellie (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I had a sensational sention on Tuesday it was mind a blowing. I love everything about the sensation and i will definitely come back again. He had a way of calming the client when anxious. Thanks once again jool."

Jul 21 - Private (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Wonderful massage total relaxation and very sensual a real treat. I will definitely be back."

Jul 21 - Julia (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars


"Amazing doesn't cover it... I am a happily married woman but between peri menopausal moments, teenage children ageing parents & running a business I thought I’d totally lost my mojo.


I needed to step out of the 8am once a week quick quiet sex with my husband and reconnect to myself. To discover if I was still capable of finding touch sensual or pleasurable.


I was nervous but can honestly say that this was one of the most beautiful and considerate massage. I felt safe and reconnected.

Highly recommend."

Jul 21 - Flora (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Absolutely amazing! I came to Julian as I am a single parent and been on my own for 7 years and coping with my severely mentally disabled son. My focus has always been my children and I just needed someone to take care of me for a while and a chance to escape from reality so to speak, with a very much needed massage due to having arthritis in my lower back ,sciatica and fibromyalgia, I was able to have the best of both worlds! I felt totally at ease straight away, his house and treatment room have a lovely warm welcoming feeling and Julian makes you feel totally relaxed right from the start so you can just lay back and enjoy the experience ! I have already booked my next appointment. Thank you so much ."

Jun 21 - SJ (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I had my first ever sensual massage with Jools yesterday. I am quite self conscious about my body and was initially slightly nervous about what to expect, however as soon as I met Jools he put my mind at ease and took the time to sit down and chat with me which made me feel much more comfortable, nothing was rushed. 

The massage room was a serene and beautifully decorated space and the massage itself was simply amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Jools had a professional and calm presence throughout and was able to make me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I was truly able to let go and fully enjoy the experience without any worries or fear of judgement. I felt both intense pleasure and relaxation. 

The experience truly exceeded any expectations that I had and for anyone considering visiting for the first time I would absolutely recommend going ahead and doing so. 

Thank you again Jools, for such a wonderful experience. X"

Jun 21 - Erin (25-29) - Relax - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"First time experience, very happy customer... This was my first time experiencing anything like this, I booked the adventure for myself as a self-exploration after discussion with my husband. When I booked I was impressed by the amount of information Jools provided on the website which helped put me at ease, although I was still very nervous when I arrived. As per previous review, Jools has great interpersonal skills and what I consider excellent pre and post aftercare to check in with you. I really wasn't sure what to expect but it completely exceeded expectations. Though I am not sure I was great in expressing that to Jools at the time as I was still processing how I felt about it. I learnt a lot about myself during the experience. It took a little while for me to relax initially but that was more to do with me and over time I definitely relaxed enough to climax. The way the massage builds up is lovely too. If you go to Jools, he has a beautiful and clean house and the shower was also an excellent experience. The room is set up beautifully and has a lovely spa type smell to it. 

If you are unsure whether to book, then do not hesitate."

Jun 21 - Becky (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars



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