A relaxing full body sensual massage with gentle arousal.

A relaxing full body sensual massage combined with gentle external arousal. The massage is carried out on a naked body allowing free-flowing strokes. The treatment finishes with a head and face massage. All massages are tailored to your requirements.

The massage takes place on a treatment table in a warm, darkened and candle lit room, with light scent and soft music playing. You are welcome to have a shower to freshen up in the adjoining bathroom before we begin. I leave the room for you to undress and get into the table and cover yourself with a towel.

While the flow and content of the massage will vary depending the answers you give on the Explore Request Form, a ‘typical’ Adventure massage has three phases as follows:


Trust and Relax – 40 mins 80% therapeutic / 20% erotic 

The first phase is about building trust and relaxing with just a little erotic teasing to begin arousal. Initially you will be face down on the treatment table with a towel covering your body from shoulders to feet. I begin with a head massage, and gently stroking your neck and ears.  This is followed first by light touches and then firm pressure applied up and down the body all over the towel. 


The towel is now very slowly removed by dragging it down over the body to the feet, It’s simple but powerful movement, the sensation of the towel moving across the body combined with the feeling of being exposed can be very exciting. Further light touches, using ostrich feathers, silk, finger tips further tantalise the senses of the skin.


Warm grape seed or almond oil is applied, and I give a Swedish style full body massage to make you feel extremely relaxed. Strokes are mostly long and slow, they can be firm but generally not deep tissue massage. In addition to using hands and arms there can body contact, caressing, hugging, holding/squeezing hands, teasing fingers. Unlike a classic spa massage, there is sensual touch of neck, inner thighs, buttocks to tease and tantilse, but it is not fully erotic at this stage.

Build Arousal – 25 mins 50% therapeutic / 50% erotic


Starting with brisk all over body strokes I then use angel fingers and/or nails across the body reawaken the senses. It can be a little ticklish or even feel like electric shocks but it's very nice. After applying more oil I continue with Swedish style massage but now introducing more deliberately arousing strokes, brush and tease intimate areas externally, building frequency and intensity slowly including anus, labia, clitoris. 


External stimulation becomes more vigorous with some positions/techniques, such as reaching underneath your body, or applying body weight are designed to simulate sex and/or give the feeling of being pinned down. Being face down it allows the mind to wander and fantasise. 


There is no internal stimulation but it's not uncommon for there to be an orgasm. I finish by covering you with a towel and give you a couple of minutes to allow arousal to subside before turning over.


Calm and Build Again – 25 mins 60% therapeutic / 40% erotic


Checking in to ensure if all okay I will ask you to turn onto back, with towel covering and support for your head. Some people like to put on a blindfold at this stage.


Initially I revert to therapeutic massage while letting the arousal subside again. Beginning with firm neck and base of skull massage before going on to arms, hands and fingers. Folding the towel down as needed and applying more oil, I massage chest, breasts, tease nipples, and a gentle tummy massage. 


Finally slide the towel off all the way to and massage the legs. Lifting legs to massage thighs, again brushing intimate area to start arousal building back up. Liberally apply oil I massage outer and inner labia paying attention to all areas. Begin more intense clitoral stimulation. I will keep going as long as its pleasurable for you. I can also use vibrator or satisfyer. 


I finish by covering you with towel while arousal subsides and you relax again, finishing with foot, face and head massage to finish as required. At the end I’ll leave the room for you to relax further before getting up and dress, taking a shower if you wish.


This is typical and I change the sequence a little each time so not always the exactly the same, everything is optional as per Explore Request Form, although you can of course change your mind on anything on the day.

Appointment 2 hr / Massage 1 hr 30  min from £120


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