If you would like to book a Sensual Massage in London there are a number of options:

Visit You at your home or hotel in London

I offer the following treatments as a mobile massage service in the Greater London area:

  • Adventure - Appointment 2 hr 30 min / Massage 2 hr - £250

  • Adventure Max - Appointment 3 hr / Massage 2 hr 30 min - £275​

  • Sensual Surrender - Appointment 3 hr - £300

Visit Sensual Bodyworks by train from London

Travel by train from London Euston to Rugby in 50 minutes and from £30 off peak return, I'm available to collect you from Rugby station and take you back after for an additional £20 on any massage or Sensual Surrender session.

Visit Sensual Bodyworks by car

I'm located in the centre of the Midlands motorway network with good transport links around the country. The M1/North Circular junction is 85 miles and 1 hour 30 minutes away by car.

To book visit you options or station pick up & drop off please get in touch to check availability.

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