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I work with a select number of male and female masseurs for 4-hand and couples massages, If you're are interested in booking please get in touch to enquire about their availability.

James - Age: 40-44 Height: 6' Build: Athletic  Massages: Females Location: Gloucestershire

James has recently complete the Practitioner Training and Practitioner Support course, and now offers sensual massage on a part-times basis in between other commitments. He is available to work with me for 4-hands massage as well as being available to book for 2-hands massage in the Gloucestershire area for 'Visit you' options. He has training in other forms of bodywork so can can help you in other ways beside just sensual. He is very friendly and approachable so will put you at ease as soon as you meet.

Jessica - Age: 50-54 Height: 5'4" Build: Slim/Toned Massages: Males, Females, Trans Location: Staffordshire

Jessica has been offering sensual massage for a number of years and is a natural. She has formal training in Swedish massage as well as having a lot of experience for sensual massage. She is available to work with me for both 4-hands massage and couples massages.

Arrabella - Age: 45-49 Height: 5'7" Build: Curvy Massages: Males, Females Location: Warwickshire

Arrabella has completed Practitioner Training. She is available to work with me on either 4 hands or couples massage. She may also be available to offer 'visit you' options with me.

Kelly - Age: 35-39 Height: 5'7" Build: Slim Massages: Males, Females Location: Warwickshire

Kelly's is new to giving message and is available to work with me on either 4 hands or couples massage. 

Kevin - Age: 60-64 Height: 5'7" Build: Medium Massages: Females Location: Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool

Kevin is qualified and trained in a variety of touch and healing energy therapies including Lomi Lomi massage, Tantric massage and energy therapy, Clinical massage of cancer patients, and relaxation therapies including Reiki and breathwork. He offers these techniques as a visiting therapist, or as Volunteer complementary therapist. He completed training with me in late 2019 and is available to work with me for 4-hands massage. He is very experienced and respectful and considers that touch, when given unconditionally, to be a wonderful healing therapy for body, mind and spirit.

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