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Zen Ten Baby on Sensual Bodyworks

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Reposted with kind permission of Zen Ten Baby.

I am a strong believer in self care and alternative therapies so I reached out to Julian, the founder and practitioner of Sensual Bodyworks.

I have heard of and watched documentaries on sensual/erotic massages and have always wondered what they would entail. I guess when you grow up in a sheltered environment, you get to an age and experience a lot (i.e. for me childbirth and toxic relationships) where you wonder where your limitations, opinions, judgements and sexual preferences derive from. Also how you can evolve and perhaps find a new way of doing things.

For the few like me who are honest about wanting to try new things whether that be to better our intimate relations, love our bodies for what they are, how they look and understand what they are capable of then this hidden gem of a place might be worth a visit.

Before I explain the massage, it's important to note that the entrepreneur Julian like many of us was stuck in the corporate rat race albeit as a CEO and bravely decided to pursue his passion in the form of a high end masseuse.

He is a doting father of two and has been in his loving relationship for 30 plus years, well travelled and down to earth. He is eloquent, well to do and a true gentleman who makes you feel at ease. He has chosen to pursue this career path because he wanted to wake up in the morning and enjoy what he does day to day and to make others feel happy. He too had to overcome the stigma of this industry and did so proudly by keeping his services classy and with solid consensual boundaries.

He trained with the best in London and now runs a succesful business from his private mansion as a masseuse who offers everything from workshops, training courses, help for sexually debilitating conditions, mental health struggles and just helps people and couples connect and feel good about themselves again.

Massage and orgasms release natural endorphins and dopamine from our bodies I personally think that they should be prescribed from Psychologists to GPs.

How many people do you know that remain in a sexless marriage because they are too scared to leave the familiarity or because of their kids?

How many people contemplate an affair because they are unfulfilled or their respective partners would judge them for expressing their inner most desires?

How many people with physical disabilities or those who have endured sexual trauma are too scared to be intimate with anyone because they loathe their form or simply fear that they are inadequate or abnormal in some way?

I will tell you, a hell of alot! Let's be honest we are all adults, have different bodies, lives and have been through personal struggles so if someone can help you feel good again, my question is, why not?

A sensual massage offered here is split into three distinct packages:




Have a look at his website for a full detailed explanation

My friend kindly volunteered to have the full on adventure massage when we visited and it began with her having a shower and laying naked but covered with a towel. The music, temperature and lights created a perfect calm in the room, Julian entered and began.

He used Swedish massage techniques alongside props such as feathers, head scratchers and oil to mix up the senses and to relax the client, working his way and paying attention to every part of the anatomy. For this massage there was consensual brushing against some erogenous zones such as feet and posterior. As it intensified he internally and externally stimulated the client to orgasm concentrating too on the fingers, hands and head. He used some timely yoni techniques and vibrators to achieve a climax. The end part of the massage was slow, sensual and caring through the use of brush strokes, delicate pressure and grapeseed oil to calm the body down giving my friend two intermittent breaks to truly feel the zen.

When the massage finished my friend who suffers from fibromyalgia and anxiety along with other mental health conditions honestly looked like a different woman. She advised me that she felt completely relaxed and satisfied. It was lovely to see her so happy and chilled.

Sensual Bodyworks is dedicated to offering women a safe and discreet space to relax and enjoy the pleasure of full body sensual massage, without judgement, expectation or obligation. It's an intuitive, relaxation based massage that combines Swedish bodywork techniques together with sensual and erotic massage within your individual boundaries. It's an intentionally indulgent treatment focussed entirely on you. There are pre massage forms to complete and you can communicate any limits, pet peeves or 'no go' moves.

I think she will rest well this evening, she said it was amazing to have two hours of complete uninterrupted focus on her and she loved the attention paid to her mumtum. She now feels that she can attempt to delve back into the dating game as she has gained body confidence after such a long time feeling low about herself.

I did not feel aroused during the massage but instead felt happy that my friend was finally having some me time and it was helping her feel good about her beautiful body again.

Hats off to you Julian, thanks for an incredible insight 👏

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