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The Sex Business - Orgasms for Sale

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The Sex Business produced by Maroon productions for channel 5 is now in its second series. It explores the often unseen world of the sex business in the UK. The third and last episode of the second series focuses on women that may for sexual services.

The Sex Business

Featured in this episode in Colin Richards who I have trained with so it is of particular interest to me. Presumably in order to keep viewers interested the scenes shown are salacious at times, hardly a surprise given the shows title. However the interviews with clients, although brief, convey a positive message I think about the work I and others do.

It's also good for business as each time the episode is aired, it's been shown twice now, there has been a noticeable increase in enquiries, so there is a real interest for it.

Orgasms on Sale

This episode and the show I'm general is worth a watch for anyone interested in sex, which lets face it is most of us. It's available on catch up until the end of the year at



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