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Seani Love

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I recently undertook some training with Seani Love founder of The School of Erotic Mysteries, to help me develop my Sensual Surrender sessions. The safety and well being of all involved is critical as well as the enjoyment, and Seani is well respected in this field.

I first became aware of Seani Love and his work when he appeared on the 2018 Channel 5 documentary ‘The Sex Business’. Seani is a tantric sexologist who has been running tantra workshops and running private sessions in the field of sexuality, ritual and kink for over 10 years, in London and elsewhere. He has helped many people discover erotic their nature in this time. He specialises in ‘Conscious Kink’ and Neotantra and offers hands-on erotic sessions that lead to empowerment, healing and self-love and teaches other practitioners how to do the same.

I founded Sensual Bodyworks initially to offer Sensual Massage. Although some massage sessions do optionally include some light impact play and mild domination it has never been the focus. More recently there has been a noticeable increase in interest in all things BDSM together with associated kinks, fetishes and fantasies. I wanted to develop Sensual Surender to offer sessions with a kink focus but to do so I needed some more insight into this realm and so I reached out to Seani for his help.

Seani runs group workshops in the UK and elsewhere as well as online courses, both have their advantages. However, I opted for a 1 to 1 in-person session. I like to work at a fast pace and consume information quickly, and this approach meant the session could be tailored specifically to my needs. Seani offered an initial Zoom call to find out more about me, what I was looking for and to discuss options which was a great help and gave me additional confidence.

A session was duly booked in. On the day Seani was joined by an assistant Gemma who has worked with Seani many times before. For this initial session, we had agreed to cover several areas at an introductory level. Each area on its own could easily have had a session dedicated to it on its own.

Conscious Kink Practitioner

Energy Exercises

We began with a couple of energy exercises. While this is something I’ve explored with a couple of practitioners this is not something I focus on in my work to date. Seani pitched this just right for me and I found the exercises interesting and useful.

Consential Non-Consent

This can conjure up images of quite extreme and mostly sexual scenarios. However, Seani and Gemma showed that this could take many subtle forms and while it could be escalated it wasn’t necessary to do so. The exercises were fun and exciting at times, both when taking the Dom role or the being the Sub.

Impact Play

We did some basic and relatively light impact play, again introducing more subtle forms of contact. Physical safety is import and there was advice on that as well as using check-ins to confirm all was is well.

Seani took time to understand my current business and way of operating and I found it very helpful talking to another male practitioner who works with women and who is passionate and genuine about what he does. It was reassuring to me that many things I already have in place coincide with Seani’s approach, but he introduced me to some additional words, approaches and concepts, particularly around the safety and well-being of both myself and clients which will be a good addition.

Overall it was a great day and well worth the visit. Seani and Gemma made a fantastic team and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to work in this field. I have already had the opportunity to put into practice some of what I learned and will be back again to take things further in due course.

Thank you Seani & Gemma



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