Intimacy Matters Workshop

I recently took part in a series of sensual massage workshops with Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters. Colin has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of sensual massage as well as other psychosensual treatments. He is very professional but also operates in a relaxed manor putting everyone at ease making for enjoyable training sessions and easy learning.

The training sessions took place at Colin's Battersea treatment room, which is worth a visit for the views alone. The sessions were taken as 4 x 5 hours sessions over a 3 week period which worked well, allowing time to digest what had been learnt each time and practice elsewhere before coming back for the next session. There was a combination of demonstration massage, 4-hand massages with Colin, 2-hand massage with Colin giving advice and guiding and finally 2-hand massage with Colin providing feedback.

I believe the training was invaluable and would recommend it to anyone thinking of offering sensual massage either to their partner or professionally. I’d like to thank Colin and all the volunteers who so generously gave their time.

UPDATE: It's now over two years since visiting Intimacy Matters and I now offer training myself, however I would continue to recommend Colin as an alternative especially if you are unable to make it to Sensual Bodyworks.