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Discover Your Erotic Blueprint?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Many people are interested in learning about their own sexual desires and how they can better satisfy them. In this blog post, we'll discuss what an erotic blueprint is and how it can impact your sex life. We'll also talk about how you can use your erotic blueprint to have better sex. So if you're curious about your own sexual desires, read on!

What is an Erotic Blueprint?

Your erotic blueprint is essentially a map of your sexual desires. It can include things like what turns you on, what gets you off, and what you're willing to try in the bedroom or elsewhere of course! Knowing your erotic blueprint can help you have better sex because it can give you a better understanding of your own sexual desires. It can also help you communicate your needs to your partner so they can better satisfy you. And finally, it can also help you to experiment and try new things, which can keep your sex life exciting.

There are 5 types that can make up your erotic blueprint, but many of us will find we are have elements from more than one. The types are as follows:

- Sexual

This is people who are turned on by what we think of as sex in our mainstream culture, including Nudity, Genitals, Penetration and Orgasm. They enjoy penetrative sex which helps them relate to their partners and feel connected. They can be more readily aroused, but also have a limited definition of sex. They typically focus on the goal rather than enjoying the journey.

- Sensual

This is people who are turned on by all of their senses being ignited. They love sensual touch, exciting tastes, beautiful places, soothing sounds and delicious scents as part of their sexual adventures. They enjoy connection and closeness. They need to be relaxed to be in the mood and if not can get caught up in their thoughts and find it harder to let go and just feel.

- Kinky

This is people who are turned on by what is taboo. There are two different sides to this, the psychological- and the sensation-based. Psychological turn ons include power play, surrender and dominance. Sensation based turns ons include intense sensation such as spanking. The challenge for some people who identify as Kinky is feeling shame for desiring something that is edgy or taboo for them.

- Energetic

This is people who are turned on by tease, anticipation and longing. They adore light teasing touch on their skin, with fingertips and feathers and can enjoy it for hours if given the chance. But too much too soon and they can feel overwhelmed and not enjoy.

- Shapeshifter

This is people who are turned on by it all. If you enjoy all of the above then you could be a Shapeshifter. They have a large capacity for pleasure and enjoy variety. They can be wonderful lovers with a high erotic intelligence, but it can be a challenge is meet all of their desires. They can shapeshift easily to please others but are often told they are too much.

How is knowing your Erotic Blueprint useful?

There are a few different ways you can use your erotic blueprint to have better sex. One way is to use it to communicate your needs to your partner. If you know what turns you on, you can tell your partner and they can do more of that. Another way to use your erotic blueprint is to experiment with new things. If you're curious about something, don't be afraid to try it out. You may be surprised by what you like. And finally, you can also use your erotic blueprint to add some spice to your sex life. If you feel like things have become a little routine, try something new to keep things

How do I find my Erotic Blueprint?

Many people first heard the term Erotic Blueprint from watching the Netflix series 'Sex, Love & Goop', where they were introduced to Jaiya, a somatic sexologist.

Miss Jaiya defined the types and developed a serious of questions to help you identify what your erotic blueprint is. You probably already have a good idea about what you like, but you can take the basic quiz here for free. There is also a more in-depth quiz on the website which you can use for a fee.

Does your Erotic Blueprint stay the same?

Your Erotic Blueprint can change and develop over time. You don't know what you don't know and if you've only ever experienced one type of sexual experience you may keep repeating that as you know it works. Allowing yourself to try new things with an open mind may lead you to change or expand your Erotic Blue print in to new areas.

You might also find that you feel differently with different partners, especially where there is more trust and no fear of judgement, allowing you to truly express yourself.

Is there a Gender Bias?

According to Miss Jaiya who defined the Erotic Blueprint types and developed the questions to determine which you are, there is no gender bias. However my own anecdotal experience would suggest this is not the case.

Talking to many women, their comments would suggest more men are of Sexual type, with women being more likely to be Sensual, Kinky and Energetic. This could be somewhat self selecting though as the women I have spoken too have been interested in Sensual Massage.

I believe society, culture and especially porn influences men to a great extent, causing them to focus more on Sexual experiences. Only when then allow themselves to try new things do they realise there is so much more to sex and intimacy than penitration.

Erotic Blueprint and Sensual Massage.

A Sensual Massage can work for all Erotic Blueprint types, combining elements of all and in some cases allowing you to explore experiences not tried before.

First of all it is naturally sensual by its nature with long relaxing strokes covering the whole body. Combine this with a nice environment, candles, scent, music, and it can all add to a very sensual experience.

There is a Kinky element too. For many a Sensual Massage can seem taboo and naughty making it more exciting. This can be enhanced by starting the massage as if a 'normal' massage before becoming more sensual and erotic, or introducing kink elements such as impact play or restraint.

For the Energetic type there is the anticipation leading up to a sensual massage works. This combined with lots teasing during the massage, building arousal slowly throughout works well for this type.

Lastly for the Sexual type, a Sensual Massage can ultimately be erotic in the more traditional sense so completing the journey of all the different types.

Where next?

If you're interested in finding out more about Erotic Blueprints I would recommend visiting Miss Jaiya's Erotic Blueprint site here



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