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Cosmopolitan's All the way with…

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Are you looking for a new podcast and curious about the colourful world of sex and relationships? In other words; nosy AF and down to hear all the intimate details about someone else’s love and sex life? Check out Cosmopolitan UK's brand new podcast, All The Way With...

In the first episode, All The Way With… orgasmic massage, hear a woman who, after two bad breakups, wants to build up her confidence and gain more sexual experience.

Cosmopolitan Sensual Massage

It's great to hear someone talking openly and positively about her experience of sensual massage from a professional. Not only a great experience on the day, but how it has continued to have a positive impact beyond the massage table. Providing a feeling of welling and happiness but also increasing confidence and self-esteem.

You can listen using one of the following links, Acast, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Hopefully the more this is talked about, people’s perceptions and stereotypes will continue to be challenged and more people will realise the benefits of such treatments.



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