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Best Sensual Massage Oils

Updated: Feb 26

I'm often asked what oils I use for massage so here are the details with the pros & cons as I see them. I use one of a number of so called base or carrier oils for massage. These are the oils often used in aromatherapy for diluting essential oils.

Typically derived from seeds, nuts or other plant materials, they provide a range of therapeutic and healing benefits and lubricate the skin to enable massage. They are also extremely beneficial for softening and improving the condition of the skin containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

I typically don't use scented or blended massage oils in part because they are expensive but more importantly people can find them an irritant on the skin and/or have allergies to them. However for if just for your own use you may find you prefer some of these for example if you like the scent.

My top 3 go to massage oils in order of preference are Fractionated Coconut, Grape Seed and Sweet Almond. All are available in various sizes but I buy 5L being the best value. They are available from many brands but I find Naissance to offer a good and consistent quality at a reasonable price. They can be purchased from many places including eBay and Amazon for ease and delivery.

Fractionated Coconut

Fractionated Coconut oil is made from coconut oil by separating out the different fats which melt at different temperatures.

The resulting oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by your skin and is good for the hair. Perfect for all over moisturising as well as massage, it is especially good if you have oily skin. Being clear and odourless it doesn't stain towels or cloths but as with all oils will soak into them over time.

Grape Seed

Grape seed oil is a byproduct of the winemaking process. It’s rich in vitamin E which many believe heals the skin and reduces wrinkles, although research is inconsistent.

Grape seed oil is medium viscosity and easily absorbed by the skin with a neutral scent. It can feel a little sticky compared to Fractionated Coconut oil. It is odourless but will stain towels heavily and doesn't wash out easily so expect to need to replace towels often if used regularly.

Sweet Almond

Almond oil is an edible oil made from the kernels of almonds and is one of the most popular massage oils.

The oil is lightweight, absorbs easily, and is a great moisturiser for dry skin. It often has a slight nutty aroma which many like. Obviously avoid if you have nut allergies.

Olive Oil

Although not something I use often Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for massage. Most of use have some in the kitchen so a good fall back option. Like Grape Seed oil I find it a little stick and quite heavy compared to Fractionated Coconut oil and hard to get out of towels.



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