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"Wow what an adventure... Wow, I’m in my 50s and my husband booked me this very special treat. Very therapeutic, very soothing and very sensual. Jools is a true professional at all times and any nerves that I had melted as I entered into the beautiful and indulgent experience that I have found very liberating, calming and so much more. I had the adventure massage which I could highly recommend So much to say but the best thing that I could say is, do not hesitate, do it."

Dec 21 - Helen (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Just WOW... I found my first visit to see Jools was an amazing experience, a birthday present from my husband who wanted me to try something more sensual than the usual massages I have had before and I wish I had found about this earlier. Jools makes you feel very comfortable and fully relaxed throughout, a feeling of great liberation and pleasure sweeping over you, giving me a great boost which my hubby has noticed and enjoys the benefits of.
I will most definitely book another Adventure massage with Jools in the New Year.
I would recommend this sensory massage to any woman."

Nov 21 - Customer (30-34) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Just amazing I was 36 weeks pregnant... and this is just what I needed. Very nice guy and I'll be be for sure."

Nov 21 - Mel (35-39) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing experience for me and my partner! 😊... Me and my partner have been to a standard couple massage before, but it was nothing compared to this sensual massage. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and relaxing. At first we were kind of shy and not sure if we should go, but after meeting our masseurs, we are happy we did it! Our masseurs was friendly and very professional. We both really enjoyed it and definitely recommend to others. Thank you both for this experience and definitely see you in furniture!"

Nov 21 - Santa (<25) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing experience!... This was our first time visiting Jools for a cuckold adventure massage. From the moment we arrived Jools made us feel very welcome and comfortable with his calm professional manner. The massage was everything we wished for and more. Every box we had was ticked without any embarrassment. We were blown away by the whole adventure, Jools massage skills were incredible. We will certainly be back for more."

Oct 21 - Karin (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Adventure Massage... Amazing experience!! This was my second visit and the whole thing was incredible from start to finish
Jools makes you feel so comfortable that any apprehension, embarrassment or worry you may have had when you arrived goes straight out the window
I am already planning my third visit! 
Thank you very much for bringing calm back into my life.

Oct 21 - K & S (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing as always... My visits to see Jools at Sensual Bodywoorks just get better each time ! Love every minute of being pampered and go home floating on a cloud of euphoria ! Ladies if you’re hesitating to go stop hesitating you won’t regret it !!"

Oct 21 - Carol-Ann (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"An Awesome Adventure... Upon arrival I was made to very welcome and I was put at totally ease. The surroundings are very conducive to the overall feeling of comfort , calmness and serenity. The service provided is amazing. You have a feeling of total relaxation and peace. You are wholeheartedly lost in time and space and your mind is clear of everyday worries. The massage was unconditionally beyond expectations. It was an amazing experience. I would certainly recommend it without a doubt. You will not be disappointed."

Oct 21 - Corra (>65) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Elating, pleasurable and transformative... This was my second visit for an Adventure Massage. It is difficult to put into words how elating, pleasurable and liberating the experience was. Jools is very attentive, considerate and respectful and was very accommodating of our needs and desires. The service he provides is safe, open-minded and caring, as well as being deeply sensual. The experience has had a profoundly tranformative effect on my general enjoyment of sex and my relationship with my partner. I would highly recommend Sensual Bodyworks to anyone."

Sep 21 - F & D (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Had a really good time visiting Jools, he completely put me and my partner at ease. The experience we had was extremely good and was definitely worth the visit and we will definitely be visiting again."

Sep 21 - Elizabeth (<25) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Very professional and informative... training session. I was put at ease from the moment I walked in and made to feel very welcome.

The whole experience was first class and I could not fault in any way."

Sep 21 - Happy Client (35-39) - Training - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing self-care experience. A truly incredible experience that I would recommend wholeheartedly! 
I’ve had the Adventure Massage twice now, once as a client and the second time as a volunteer for a training session. Both were amazing and I left feeling wonderful, very pleased I took the time for my own self-care and wellbeing. 
Jools is excellent at putting people at ease and the location is stunning, absolutely perfect experience all-round!."

Sep 21 - MMT (35-39) - Volunter - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Excellent massage. I was really nervous about going for a massage. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the location, and the masseuse made me feel welcome and at ease. He was professional and friendly. I would definitely go back and recommend it to people."

Aug 21 - Rose (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"What an amazing experience. Very friendly and calm atmosphere. The whole experience was out of this world. Will definitely be going back."

Jul 21 - Customer (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Couples Massage... Had a couple massage this weekend. It was a wonderful experience for both of us, it was relaxing, sensual and rekindled our bond between us. 

We had a lovely welcome, made sure we were relaxed, the place is clean, discreet and at a good accessible location.
Love to go back another day when we get time."

Jul 21 - Mat & Liz (40-44) - Couples Massage - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing out of this world experience... I had my first ever sensual massage experience. I was initially nervous, however from the word go Jools put me at ease with his warm friendly welcome, and wonderful communication skills. I could let go from the daily realities & rediscover myself, throughly enjoying the intense relaxation and pleasure. It was a non judgmental experience & was all about me for Jools which is truly amazing! For those Ladies if you are unsure of booking please don’t, it will be the most amazing experience! Thank you so much Jools."

Jul 21 - Sparkle (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Amazing doesn't cover it... I am a happily married woman but between peri menopausal moments, teenage children ageing parents & running a business I thought I’d totally lost my mojo.


I needed to step out of the 8am once a week quick quiet sex with my husband and reconnect to myself. To discover if I was still capable of finding touch sensual or pleasurable.


I was nervous but can honestly say that this was one of the most beautiful and considerate massage. I felt safe and reconnected.

Highly recommend."

Jul 21 - Flora (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Thanks for a very enjoyable relaxing... yet stimulating massage. The sensations were very varied but always pleasant and at times very exciting. I was made to feel at ease from my arrival and to feel that I was what mattered. I would recommend the experience."

Jul 21 - Mary (60-64) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I keep going back to Jools because he... offers a space where I can relax into my sensuality and be me.


Yes I had anxieties about my body shape and my age when I first went - after all, you dont generally show your wobbly bits off to people, certainly not as you are hitting menopause! But he is so welcoming, accepting and non judgemental and it is clear that he enjoys offering this service, without it all being about him!


Now that's something I dont experience very often!."

Jul 21 - Sian (50-54) - Adventure Max - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Cloud 9... My first sensual relax massage was a tingling gentle and soothing introduction to what looks like a world of loveliness. Both me and my husband were put at ease with clear information and Jools warm welcome. Which was very important for me. The surroundings and rooms are beautiful and help set the scene for relaxation and fun. With everything feeling at my pace whilst leaving me excited for my next massage (which is already booked in!) I felt I was floating for the rest of the day and beyond. Looking forward to further adventures."

Jul 21 - Ellie (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I had a sensational sention on Tuesday it was mind a blowing. I love everything about the sensation and i will definitely come back again. He had a way of calming the client when anxious. Thanks once again jool."

Jul 21 - Private (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Wonderful massage total relaxation and very sensual a real treat. I will definitely be back."

Jul 21 - Julia (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars


"Absolutely amazing! I came to Julian as I am a single parent and been on my own for 7 years and coping with my severely mentally disabled son. My focus has always been my children and I just needed someone to take care of me for a while and a chance to escape from reality so to speak, with a very much needed massage due to having arthritis in my lower back ,sciatica and fibromyalgia, I was able to have the best of both worlds! I felt totally at ease straight away, his house and treatment room have a lovely warm welcoming feeling and Julian makes you feel totally relaxed right from the start so you can just lay back and enjoy the experience ! I have already booked my next appointment. Thank you so much ."

Jun 21 - SJ (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I had my first ever sensual massage with Jools yesterday. I am quite self conscious about my body and was initially slightly nervous about what to expect, however as soon as I met Jools he put my mind at ease and took the time to sit down and chat with me which made me feel much more comfortable, nothing was rushed. 

The massage room was a serene and beautifully decorated space and the massage itself was simply amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Jools had a professional and calm presence throughout and was able to make me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I was truly able to let go and fully enjoy the experience without any worries or fear of judgement. I felt both intense pleasure and relaxation. 

The experience truly exceeded any expectations that I had and for anyone considering visiting for the first time I would absolutely recommend going ahead and doing so. 

Thank you again Jools, for such a wonderful experience. X"

Jun 21 - Erin (25-29) - Relax - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"First time experience, very happy customer... This was my first time experiencing anything like this, I booked the adventure for myself as a self-exploration after discussion with my husband. When I booked I was impressed by the amount of information Jools provided on the website which helped put me at ease, although I was still very nervous when I arrived. As per previous review, Jools has great interpersonal skills and what I consider excellent pre and post aftercare to check in with you. I really wasn't sure what to expect but it completely exceeded expectations. Though I am not sure I was great in expressing that to Jools at the time as I was still processing how I felt about it. I learnt a lot about myself during the experience. It took a little while for me to relax initially but that was more to do with me and over time I definitely relaxed enough to climax. The way the massage builds up is lovely too. If you go to Jools, he has a beautiful and clean house and the shower was also an excellent experience. The room is set up beautifully and has a lovely spa type smell to it. 

If you are unsure whether to book, then do not hesitate."

Jun 21 - Becky (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"A great place to explore... This was my first experience of sensual massage. I had the Adventure Massage and I was accompanied by my husband. I was initially very nervous indeed, but within minutes of the massage starting I had relaxed and I found everything about the massage very pleasurable and profoundly liberating. My overwhelming feeling was one of being able to enjoy and express myself in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Jools has a very safe and skilled pair of hands and provides a very relaxing environment in which to explore. We both really enjoyed it and couldn't recommend it enough."

May 21 - F & D (40-44) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Back again...still amazing!... This was the 2nd time I had a sensual massage with Jools.
Once again my husband was present and throughout both participated and watched to heighten the experience. 

Once again i had the adventure massage as it has been so good last time! It is almost like 4 massages in one. The Swedish style massage led on my my front incorporated every aching muscle and relaxes each in turn. The gentle foot, hands and head massage is delicious and you never want it to end.

Then begins the teasing with feathers and other equipment that illicit’s goosebumps and tingles. This builds. Then its attention on inner thighs, bum and finally between my legs. All the time the feelings of excitement and pleasure grow...exploding into multiple climaxes.

Then it's time to rest under a warm towel. Time to get my breath until, when ready, turn over for a repeat but now whilst led on my back.  Its seemed to last for ever (if only it did) and with every squeeze or stroke your excitement escalates. Then as i requested he brought me to the point of climax. Taking me to incredible heights of pleasure over and over. I completely lost count!

Then once again, once utterly finished, a warm towel was wrapped round me and relaxation flooded every part of my body and mind. He really does have magic hands that are equally as good at relaxation as they are at tingles as they are at climaxes! We will definitely be back."

May 21 - Jane (40-44) - Adventure Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I am a woman and I am a massage therapist myself, so it can be difficult for me to allow myself to relax and receive touch when I am so used to looking after other people. I've had 4 massagaes with Jools now and I highly recomend him. He has a gentleness in his manner, very warm, welcoming and accepting (yes I was worried about my wobbly bits, but it was surprisingly fine!) and yet in the massage he has a stong masculine presence. That's quite a unique combination and is why I will keep returning. Thanks Jools"

May 21 - Sian (50-54) - Adventure Max - Google 5 Stars


"It was so good to visit again following a forced absence due to lockdown. As good if not better than ever, feeling human again. I won’t be leaving it as long next time for sure."

April 21 - Natashia (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"We were looking for a joint couple massage when we stumbled across Sensual Bodyworks. Having been intrigued by massage and all the various ways to give pleasure to each other, together with wanting a de stress relax we decided to go for the Adventure Massage as a couple together. We were not disappointed and found the experience uplifting, relaxing and thought provoking. A safe, professional environment with two lovely people. Im sure we shall return either for training or just to explore further. Highly recommend."

April 21 - Jim (45-49) - Couples Massage - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I have visited a few times now and always had the Adventure massage. The whole experience is one of quality and professionalism. From the moment I arrive to the time I leave, everything has been thought of. The massage is a wonderful continuous flow of sensations. Relaxing, sensual and erotic in equal measure. I always feel amazing afterwards. Thank you."

January 21 - Natashia (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Absolutely relaxing and very professional massage, thank you."

December 20 - Customer - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I booked online after reading reviews but still had a few questions. I received clear and helpful answers which gave me the confidence to go ahead and visit. The place was very nice and I was able to shower before and after the massage. The treatment room was warm, candlelit, and just perfect. I decided to book the Adventure treatment. It was relaxing but intense at times and heavenly! I was transported to a different place, I didn't want it to end. Jools is friendly, professional and respectful and knows what he's doing. Definitely will be going back again!"

December 20 - LuLu (35-39) - Adventure - Scoot 5 Stars


"Great massage 🙂 - I had my first sensual massage today, i didnt know what to expect and was so nervous but after meeting Jools and having a coffee i felt alot more relaxed. The massage was amazing!! Jools was very professional aswell 🙂"

December 20 - Chloe (40-44) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars


"Wow what a morning!! 5 stars just isn’t enough ;) I have been visiting Julian for 18mths and I’ve never been disappointed. He really is one of a kind. I decided to book for a little Christmas treat and he certainly did not disappoint. My time with Julian is such a welcomed escape from the stresses of everyday life. He is an excellent masseur and touches me in a way no one has ever touched me before. When I first met Julian I had extremely low confidence but he has made me feel so sexy and comfortable in my skin. Thank you Julian - when I am with you time stands still xx See you again very soon x"

December 20 - Daisy (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars


"Wonderful massage, very nourishing and healing. Jools put me at ease immediately and the environment was luxurious, clean and comfortable."

December 20 - Max (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"I decided to book a massage with Jools on a whim, Im so glad I did! didn’t really know what to expect but the experience was lovely. I was a little nervous but was made to feel at ease, the atmosphere is wonderful, and the experience itself is very relaxing, also quite intense at times - I felt that I could let myself go if I wanted to. I felt very safe and comfortable in Jools’ presence. I will definitely be back! xx"

November 20 - Coral (35-39) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"An amazing experience.
An amazing experience. A personalised service provided by a great person. The environment was discreet and comfortable. Jools has excellent interpersonal skills, very easy to talk to and get comfortable with. I felt the service was tailored to my comfort and my anxiety was managed very well. The website provides detailed advice and information for people to make informed choices. Once you get in touch, the communication is great. The customer care is brilliant, from first contact to aftercare. A truly wonderful service.."

November 20 - Customer (45-49) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Wonderful Caring experience.
Wonderful Caring experience, exceeded expectations - will be booking again."

November 20 - Janet (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Sublime couple's massage.
A marvellous couple's massage. A sublime, intensely sensual adventure that ebbed and flowed between incredible release and utter relaxation. A wonderful experience of the warm, consummate skills and professionalism of Jools and Arabella."

November 20 - njm crh (60-64) - Couples - Trustpilot 5 Stars


"Beautiful experience felt so relaxing was so stress with work and every thing he is got magic hands."

November 20 - Neets (45-49) - Couples - Trustpilot 5 Stars


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You may have many questions you would like answering before making a booking. Feel free to get in touch with any that you have. Many may have already been asked and are answered on the FAQ page.

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There are two 'hands on' training options, and further support for those wanting to offer sensual massage on a professional basis. The training is based on the Sensual Bodyworks Adventure massage, which accounts for 90% of bookings for Sensual Bodyworks and has many 5 star reviews

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A sensual massage sometime called full body sensual massage is an intimate experience that combines therapeutic bodywork techniques together with sensual and erotic touch for intentional arousal of the body.



Sensual Bodyworks has promotional videos available to view which give a feel of the type of massage offered. We will be producing new full length massage videos as soon as restrictions allow to support Sensual Massage Training. If you would like to volunteer to appear in a videos please get in touch Your identity can be hidden if preferred.