Practitioner Experience

Experience giving a 4-hand sensual massage in a professional setting.

The Practitioner Experience gives you the opportunity to take part in a 4-hand sensual massage in a professional setting. The 4-hands massage is based on the Sensual Bodyworks Adventure massage, and is subject to the volunteers preferences.


The focus of the session is on the experience however you will come away having learned some basic Swedish massage strokes as well as sensual and erotic techniques. It can be used as a first step before deciding whether to go ahead with the practitioner training. 

The volunteer you'll be massaging will have visited Sensual Bodyworks for at least one Adventure massage in the past so is familiar with and has enjoys this style of massage. You are welcome to bring along your own volunteer if preferred.

Practitioner Experience 3 hr Appointment / 2 hr Massage £200

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Practitioner Training

Sensual massage training to a professional standard.

The Practitioner Training is for both men and women wanting to learn sensual massage for females. It is designed to take you from massage novice to practitioner level with further practice. It is aimed at those wanting to offer sensual massage on a part-time or full-time professional basis. Many also take part simply to enhance their skills for giving pleasure.


You will receive a minimum of 12 hours training given in 4 x 3 hour sessions, the dates and timing of which can be agreed with you when booking and subject to volunteer availability. Each of the 4 sessions will include a full 2 hours of massage with a different volunteer. Typically the sessions take place over a couple of weeks to give you time to rest, digest and practice after each session. This can be condensed in to 2 days with 2 sessions each day subject to volunteer availability if preferred.

The training covers basic Swedish massage strokes as well as sensual and erotic techniques. It is based on the Sensual Bodyworks Adventure massage for which there are many good reviews. 90% of Sensual Bodyworks paid bookings are for this massage.

There are no prerequisites for the course, and while some massage experience is useful, it is not essential. When booking I will arrange a call to understand more about your aims and motivation for the training and to ensure it is right for you. I will also need some details about you and a photograph to share with prospective volunteers.

The volunteers you'll be practicing with have all visited Sensual Bodyworks for at least one Adventure massage in the past so are familiar with the treatments.

After successful completion of the Practitioner Training and following at least 6 further practice sessions either on your own or in conjunction with Sensual Bodyworks, I will be happy to include you as an associate masseur when performing 4-hands massage on a professional basis. You may also make reference to Sensual Bodyworks and the training in your own marketing material which I can also assist with. See Practitioner Support for more details.

Session 1

The first session is predominantly to be able to observe a full Adventure massage end to end in order to know what you will be aiming for in the subsequent sessions. However you will be invited to join the massage at the midway point  and towards the end of the routine.

Session 2

In the second session we will go through each of the strokes and techniques seen in session one in turn. Both explained and then demonstrated and then for the trainee to practice.

Session 3

The third session will repeat everything from the previous sessions but this time given as a 4 hand massage with trainer and trainee working together. It will introduce some additional considerations and strokes for when working in a 4-hand massage.

Session 4

For the fourth session the trainee will undertake the massage largely alone. I will be on hand in case you get stuck or need any advice, but will mostly observe in order to provide feedback once the massage is complete.


Additional further practice sessions can be arranged if required.

Practitioner Training 4 x 3 hr Training / 2 hr Massage £750

Additional Practice 3 hr Training / 2 hr Massage £175

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Practitioner Support

Support for those wanting to make sensual massage a business.

Take the pain and guesswork out of getting started as a professional sensual masseur and short cut the start up process. Once you have completed the Practitioner Training and have carried out further practice massages, you will be ready to offer Sensual Massage on either a part-time or full-time professional basis. I now offer business support to share the secrets of how I run Sensual Bodyworks, what works and what doesn't. 

I provide an initial 4 hr session in person and ongoing telephone support for 3 months. The following topics are covered:

  • Considerations for premises and room setup.

  • Safety & security.

  • Equipment and supplies.

  • Cleaning & Hygiene. 

  • Further training and insurance.

  • Request forms and authority.

  • Pricing strategy, incentives and discounts.

  • Branding, website and SEO

  • Frequently asked questions.

  • Setting and maintaining boundaries.

  • Use and limitations of Social media.

  • Advertising including Google Ads

  • Testimonial, review sites and feedback.

  • Customer management, communication and GDPR.

In addition I will be happy to list your contact details on my website for 3 months to help you find your first clients. I can also provide or arrange website development, photography and video with post production and editing. I'll be happy to discuss any additional requirements to kick start your business.

Practitioner Support 4 hr intensive session £450 (includes 3 months subsequent telephone support).

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Sensual Massage for Couples

Options for couples wanting to enjoy sensual massage together.

Many couples reach a point in their relationship where they fantasise about involving others in their intimate life. A so called monogamish lifestyle can provide a real shot of adrenaline to many relationships and is usually a sign of a couple that have great communication, trust and love for each other.

Many couples that explore intimately with others say that it both brings them closer together, and improves their sex life with one another. However, I would only recommend for those with a good and solid existing relationship. Most importantly being able to communicate openly and honestly is vital. If this is not the case and most especially if there are underlying issues in the relationship, I recommend avoiding as it is more likely to damage the relationship. Work on the issues in other ways and perhaps come back to this later.

In the first instance fantasies may be fulfilled by simply talking to each other about involving others and not acting on it at all. This can be very exciting, and as we know the mind is the most powerful sex organ. Some couples may go a step further and flirt with others but not take it any further, while for some couples there is no substitute to for the real thing. What ever you do, taking it slowly is a good idea, you can't undo it once it has been done. Talk to each other before and after anything you try to ensure both of you are happy.

For couples just starting out on an erotic journey together, setting out to involve others can seem quite daunting and they can be unsure how and where to start. There are many sites for liberated people to meet each other but it can be difficult to find the genuine people on there. There is a thriving club scene in the UK but again this can be a bit full on especially for a couples first experience. 

A sensual massage by contrast can be a wonderful first step on this journey. It provides a safe and controlled environment that is all about you as a couple, with no one else’s agenda or needs to consider. You’re able to specify what you want and set any boundaries in advance and remain in control at all times.


Sensual massage can also be a break from the norm and something different for more experienced couples. It's far more than just an erotic adventure, but an extremely relaxing and inimate experience.

Sensual Bodyworks offers two alternatives for couples. Consent is paramount at all times and while you may book for a partner, everyone receiving a treatment must complete a request form themselves, the nature of the treatment cannot be a suprise.

Cuckold Massage

The cuckold fantasy can be quite complex, with a number of different feelings and emotions at play. It is a very common fantasy for men and for some women. For more background see my blog post, The rise of the Cuckold?

A cuckold massage is when you watch your partner have a sensual massage. You may also join the massage at times. Some people visiting prefer to wait in an adjacent room or even go for a drive to return later. 


Women visiting Sensual Bodyworks for any of the massage treatments, Relax, Explore or Adventure, are welcome to bring their partner with them. There is no additional charge.

Appointments from 1 hr 30 min / Massage 1 hr from £90

Couples Massage

If your partner would like to not only watch you have a sensual massage but experience it for themselves, I work with a select number of other masseurs, both male and female to offer sensual massage for couples. 


You can have the massages at the same time in separate rooms or side by side, or one after the other, the choice is yours. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Appointments from 2 hr 30 min / Massage 2 hr

from £300 with additional male masseur or £350 with additional female masseuse.