"An Epic adventure experience of pure bliss and relaxation mentally and emotionally. A touch of heaven, a feeling of letting go of your ego or your thoughts. whilst you tune into you inner self.
Having being my first experience with this type of massage. Everyone should be made to feel special and Julian exceeded above and beyond he truly is a kind caring and without a doubt professional and a attentive gentleman with the hands of a god. The journey from the secluded location the peacefulness to the Consultation refreshments offered on arrival the communication prior to my treatment the welcome touch eased my nervousness.The warm atmosphere, aroma and candle lit treatment room invites you into a delightful chamber Julian caters to you and your wellbeing. 
My sensual experience was truly timeless. I couldn't recommend Julian enough, so what are you waiting for ladies your adventure awaits. I carnt wait to book my next adventure experience. Thank you Julian"

Dec 19 - Michelle (35-39) - Adventure - Yell 5 Stars

"Jools you did it again!! Thanks to you and E. This 4 handed work is coming together well. See you again soon !"

Dec 19 - Kev - Training Workshop - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"I have had massages from Jools for a few months and usually choose adventure. This time I chose Explore Visit You due to recent surgery and feeling not quite myself. Jools is a master. He made me feel relaxed and back in tune with myself. My confidence is boosted. I would recommend any lady feeling this way to embrace a Jools massage."

Dec 19 - Anonymous - Explore Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"I have been visiting Julian on a regular basis for quite some time and today I decided to try out the adventure with hot stones.

I have never experienced anything quite as spectacular as this, both the relaxation and release were incredible. Julian works hard to ensure that you are relaxed and at ease and following an extremely difficult time in my life he managed to create a state of relaxation that I didn’t think was possible.

I can’t thank him enough for what he does for me. Everyone should have a masseur like Julian in their lives. He really is making a difference."

Dec 19 - Rita (30-34) - Adventure Hot Stones - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"I have been using SensualBodyworks for the last four months. The masseur is very calm and caring and always makes sure you are comfortable. He takes the time to talk to you, to understand your individual requirements. It can be daunting to contact someone at first, but the masseur understands and is 100% confidential. This was my first experience of this type of massage and it is amazing. I can't recommend it enough.


It has helped me in more ways than one. Just working out when i can go next :-)"

Nov 19 - Anonymous - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Something Special - Jools is a HVM of a particular kind. With a wealth of knowledge and understanding on all things sex, intimacy and sensuality, he’s more than a masseur with a perfect touch, this guy is in a league of his own. Now is the time every woman made Sensual Massage an essential part of her health and wellness routine. Welcome to the Pleasure Revolution."

Nov 19 - Anna (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Thank you for a lovely experience. It was just what I needed. I would certainly recommend."

Nov 19 - Customer - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"A highly recommended experience not to be missed - I highly recommend having a massage at SensualBodyworks, where I have had the pleasure of experiencing several sensual massages. Each massage was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, the masseur was extremely talented in what he does and tailored the massages to my individual needs and desires. 

I was instantly put at ease on my first and subsequent visits and I was treated as an individual in a respectful and caring manner. Everything about the experience was attentive and welcoming, including a drink on arrival, a warm and comfortable treatment room and relaxing music. I am already looking forward to my next visit!"

Nov 19 (40-44) - Alison - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Fantastic massage as always! "

Nov 19 - Jackie (60-64) - Adventure Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Absolute Heaven - My third massage from Jools I have the Adventure at home. Which is a good job as I'm not sure I'd be able to drive home after two hours of his magical hands on me. Jools as always is super friendly and respectful. Would definitely recommend without hesitation."

Nov 19 - Vicki (45-49) - Adventure Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Fabulous - I have seen Jools many times and it is always a pleasure spending time with him, in every way! A truly lovely experience with a very professional man. Look forward to seeing you again soon x"

Nov 19 - Siobhan (55-59) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"After an extremely stressful week I decided to treat myself to a massage with Julian as always the experience was phenomenal. Julian is an extremely skilled Masseur and took the time to ensure I was fully relaxed and at ease before moving on to the more erotic part of the massage which was simply mind blowing. Julian is able to identify my needs better than I can and I will be booking again very soon ;) xx"

Nov 19 - Rita (30-34) - Adventure Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"An amazing sensual adventure that began from the moment the gates to this secret retreat opened. The beautiful setting, the way Jools took his time to establish my needs really made me feel at ease. This tailored treatment was a fantastic experience and all about me, I can’t wait for a repeat."

Nov 19 - Bambi (50-54) - Adventure - Trip Advisor 5 Stars

"My 4 hand massage was amazing, would definitely go back again."

Nov 19 - Natalie (30-34) - 4 Hands Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"Simply Amazing - From the moment of meeting Jools he puts you at ease, he is polite, friendly and professional. Time is spent chatting prior to the massage starting. The massage itself is unrushed, he has magic hands that hit all the right spots. The emotional and physical release is amazing. I can't recommend this enough. I am now on my 3rd visit and know it won't be my last.."

Nov 19 - Vicki (40-44) - Adventure Visit You - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"A beautiful experience A excellent massage that have me wanting go every day."

Nov 19 - Cheryl (50-54) - Adventure - Trustpilot 5 Stars

"This was my 3rd massage by Jools and it just gets better and more special with each one ....Ladies if you are thinking about going......a piece of advice ....stop thinking and just go ! won’t regret it .....the euphoria that I felt afterwards is indescribable !! wow wow ! ....can’t wait for visit number 4 🤗"

Oct 19 - Carol (50-54) - Adventure - Yell 5 Stars

"Absolutely Perfect - Tried out the Explore experience and I wasn’t disappointed. Secluded beautiful location, very professional and an absolute pleasure to experience.
Already booked a repeat session, and I would highly recommend the service to anyone who enjoys extreme relaxation."

Oct 19 - GeoP (40-44) - Explore - Yell 5 Stars

"I received the best massage imaginable with Jools. He is extremely professional and skilled and I would highly recommend. If you feel unsure or nervous about booking, don’t be !! You will be made to feel at ease from the moment you walk through his door, Jools is the perfect gentleman.
The massage itself was incredible, the first part of the massage was very relaxing and the ending was the most erotic moment in my life I have never experienced orgasms so intense and powerful. If you are thinking about booking this type of massage, stop thinking about it and book you will not be disappointed. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment."

Oct 19 - Daisy (30-34) - Adventure - Trip Advisor 5 Stars

"I felt very safe  with Jools and knew I was in good hands . My massage was fantastic!!  Thank you . I enjoyed every aspect of it."

Oct 19 - Jacks (60-64) - Adventure Visit You - Google 5 Stars

Had a very good massage plus and we both enjoyed the experience. Hoping to book again."

Oct 19 - Allan (60-64) - Adventure - Google 4 Stars

"I spent an amazing afternoon with Jools and two wonderful volunteer bodies. I am already a qualified masseur specialising in Lomi Lomi massage, but I wanted more experience of incorporating an intimate masssage into this already highly sensual treatment. With Jools guidance, I certainly achieved that !!! . Really hope to visit again soon to delve deeper and hopefully collaborate. Thankyou Jools, A and N xxx"

Oct 19 - Me Time - Practitioner Training - Google 5 Stars

"I had a fantastic massage here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I had been considering it for a long time before booking but I am so glad that I went for it and was able to have this experience. The environment is very clean, safe and relaxing and Jools is very professional whilst also being kind and caring. I would love to visit again in the future."

Sep 19 - Jodie (25-29) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"What can I say ? Except WOW !! - Jools eases my nerves within minutes of arriving and couldn’t have been more professional and courteous !
This was my first visit but it definitely won’t be my last !
I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an afternoon so much :)"

Sep 19 - Carol-Ann (50-54) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"It's taken me years to say yes to receiving a massage from a professional.
So, I convinced myself that having this massage was the right thing for me to do for many reasons. Priority was ME time.
The whole experience seemed quite unbelievable and surreal.
I think there is a special type of person that can offer this work and hold this space.
Lovely to be welcomed by an amazing person,
Very relaxed and beautiful home."

Aug 19 - Andrea (45-49) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"Expert hands in a beautiful, discreet, female friendly setting.

Jools takes time to get to know your mind, before he gets to know your body with a broad range of exquisite touch tailored to your liking. 

In his professional hands you can easily feel safe, deeply relaxed and at times highly aroused. A spine-tingeling sensual and erotic experience given by a genuinely good guy who understands the meaning of intimacy.  My ‘ must go to ‘ masseur with a special touch. Give yourself permission to melt into the luxe of his slinky sensual Adventure Massage but Shh! don’t tell everyone.

Book him now while you still can!"

Aug 19 - Anna (45-49) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"Wow what an experience! I was a little apprehensive before my appointment however I was put at ease straight away. Jools spent time to chat to make sure I was relaxed before the massage. The massage itself was out of this world and I booked my next appointment straight away. If you are considering this type of massage I would definitely recommend booking you will not be disappointed."

Jul 19 - Susan (30-34) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"What an amazing experience. I had some nerves before arriving, but they quickly disappeared when I met my host. He was professional and polite, and I felt safe and cared for at all times. The location was private and out of the way which was important to me. The massage exceeded all my expectations and the effects and good feeling lasted for days. There is one downside, once experienced there is no going back to an ‘ordinary’ massage. I will be booking again soon."

Jul 19 - Catherine (35-39) - Adventure - Yell 5 Stars

"Treated myself to help de-stress after a bad few weeks emotionally. The Adventure massage left me relaxed, happy and feeling amazing. Jools made me feel at ease from the moment I opened the door taking his time to chat before starting the massage. It was unhurried and like no other massage I'd had prior. He then spent more time chatting prior to leaving. I am already looking forward to booking my next massage."

Jul 19 - Vicki (45-49) - Adventure Visit You - Google 5 Stars

"I’ve had an amazing experience the first time and an even more amazing experience the 2nd visit, I would recommend it very highly, I felt at ease and very welcoming and relaxing, I’m booking my 3rd time very soon, I promise you won’t regret it 😉"

Jul 19 - Natalie (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"I had an amazing massage here, and would highly recommend it. The therapist was very professional and friendly, and I was made to feel very comfortable all the way through the massage. It was everything I had hoped for and more, I will definitely be returning again!"

Jun 19 - Louise (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"I found my experience at Sensual bodyworks truly amazing, very professional, friendly and caring. The treatment itself delivers on all levels and has helped my body and mind. I feel so positive approaching my physical needs."

Jun 19 - Anita (35-39) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"Me and my wife decided after a long time to seek help with her libido. After trying two other therapists and almost giving up we thought we would have one last attempt and made the call. We turned up at the address and were surprised by the beautiful house and felt at ease very quickly. Our host was very professional and obviously knew his job really well. We have been three times since and every time the experience has been better and better. Now we are like a newly weds, my wife has never had such a intense orgasm in her life and it was worth every penny. Thank You."

Jun 19 - Sohan (55-59) - Explore - Google 5 Stars

"Really amazing experience with Sensual Bodywork this evening, massage very professional and felt very relaxed within minutes. I was made to feel completely comfortable, despite being a larger lady (and having my own hang ups about this) .. I never felt this was an issue at any point. Also, they are happy to tweak massage to what you want... Not what they think you should have, so it's like a custom made massage.... Amazing!! I will be back."

Jun 19 - Jenny (40-44) - Explore - Google 5 Stars

"As a massage therapist myself, it can be difficult to find a therapist that lives up to your own standards and you trust enough to work intimately with you.  Sensual Bodyworks offers a beautiful home treatment room, skilled touch and a calm gentleness that arouses all the senses. After receiving a one to one treatment, I went back for a 4 hands massage for the full indulgent experience and can't wait for my next appointment."

May 19 - Amy (25-29) - 4 Hands - Google 5 Stars

"This was booked as a Birthday present for Mrs West and after a few email exchanges everything was arranged for a visit to our hotel. He had everything with him and was very professional throughout the whole experience. You have to experience it to understand how the clients welfare and enjoyment are at all times first and foremost. A must for anyone looking to relax and just let go. Thanks."

May 19 - Westmids2 Couple - Explore Visit You - Google 5 Stars

"I had a truly amazing massage at Sensual Bodyworks, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience provided in a comfortable and soothing environment. I was welcomed and put at ease straight away, the massage was both exciting and nurturing and was provided in a professional and caring manner. I will definitely be returning..."

May 19 - Alison (40-44) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"Truly a five star indulgence. Every woman needs to experience such titillation and delight delivered by this professional therapist. I had the massage in the comfort and safety of his beautiful rural house. You will receive everything advertised, and more. Let go of any prejudice, embarrassment or anything holding you back and allow yourself to enjoy the pampering of your senses."

Apr 19 - Vi Pi (40-44) - Adventure - Google 5 Stars

"It was totally wonderful in every way so thank you soooo much!  The end of that massage was easily one of the top 20 erotic moments of my life..."

Mar 19 - Northants - Adventure - Email

"Well, I can say that after two weeks I still feel the benefit of a wonderful sensual massage. In meeting and talking to you I found your approach warm, friendly, non pushy and professional. You come across as a real genuine guy that is passionate about massage and its benefits and the good feeling it provides. You totally put me at ease and i didn't feel at any time before and during the massage that you had any other "agenda". The massage itself was incredible and your natural flair for this craft was felt by all my nerve endings, psychologically and physically. Your technique is truly holistic."

Feb 19 - Derby - Adventure - Email

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