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What is a Sensual Massage

I'm sometimes asked what is a sensual massage, it's not a term everyone is familiar with and some misconceptions are circulating. Here I answer the questions as it applies to Sensual Bodyworks.

A sensual massage sometimes called full body sensual massage is an intimate experience that combines therapeutic bodywork techniques together with sensual and erotic touch for intentional arousal of the body.

Sensual Tantric Yoni Massage

While all massage can be considered sensual, in this context, a sensual massage is best when based on a relaxing modality such as Swedish or Lomi Lomi massage. Treatments should ideally incorporate full body massage which may be firm at times, and can even include some deep tissue work. A sensual massage will ideally begin by relaxing the body and allowing the mind to clear. There is no limit to the sensual elements that can be used to tantalise and excite the skin, from fingertip touch and feathers to hot oils and candle wax, even hot stones and ice.

Erotic elements are best introduced a little at a time allowing the arousal to build slowly. The massage often results in one or more orgasms, but this doesn’t have to be the goal. It’s as much about a journey as a destination. Some treatments, especially for women, will repeat the process more than once.

A relaxing massage is wonderful, sensual touch delicious, and arousal pleasurable. A sensual massage combining all of these elements is be greater than the sum of its parts and provides a unique roller coaster of sensations, excitement and emotions.

What are the benefits of sensual massage?

It has been demonstrated many times that human touch is good for our mental and physical health and can provide an enormous feeling of well-being. Sensual massage is increasingly becoming recognised as one of the most pleasurable and healthy treatments a person can experience. It is extremely self-caring and can do wonders for alleviating stress, anxiety and pain. It enhances general well-being and can even help you get a good night's sleep. Treatments can also be helpful for psychosexual conditions including situational anorgasmia, overcoming fears around intimacy and promoting self-confidence in body and sexuality.

Heart rate, respiration and blood pressure go down if they were elevated. Oxytocin production ramps up and adrenaline and cortisol levels decline dramatically allowing very deep relaxation. Documented benefits over the long run are diverse ranging from improvement in the immune response to improvement of a wide range of mental activities including learning speed and exam performance. All of this is assuming that the touch happens in a calm, safe, non-threatening environment. The more trust the recipient has for the provider the more they can let go and the greater the benefit.

Sensual massage vs. Tantric massage?

There are similarities between Sensual massage and Tantric massage. A good practitioner will provide the opportunity to explore your sexual and sensual energies in a safe space. Sensual massage can include elements that are similar in nature to a Tantric massage including Yoni or Lingam massage.

Sensual massage differs from Tantric massage in that it focuses on us as sensual and sexual beings rather than the spiritual and treats arousal as simply normal human behaviour. The massage is about taking us back to our deepest feelings of intimacy, sensuality and arousal, and does not usually include spiritual aspects, breathing exercises, meditation or rituals that are often part of a Tantric massage.

Why do women book a sensual massage?

Treatments provide relaxation and a feeling of well-being as well as providing a release. A good practitioner will be skilled in technique and responsive to your reactions to their touch. Treatments should be all about you with no need to consider anyone else’s needs but your own.

Some of the reason’s clients book a sensual massage are:

  • I am stressed and/or tense and want an unconditional orgasmic release.

  • Difficulty reaching orgasm, anorgasmia / situational anorgasmia.

  • Curiosity and satisfying a fantasy.

  • Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship.

  • Recently my libido has increased considerably.

  • Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex.

  • Letting go of control and trusting others with it.

  • Recovering from sexual aggression/abuse.

  • Lack of skill/knowledge by myself and my partner.

  • Convenience and self-care for busy professionals who don’t want a relationship.

  • Separated/Divorced/Widowed, I would still like a sexual release but I'm not ready for a relationship.

  • I have cultural or religious restrictions and I need a safe place to explore my sexuality.

  • Exploration of sexual practices as yet untried or unwanted by my partner.

  • Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.

  • I want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage (cuckold massage).

  • I want my partner to give me a 4-hands massage with the masseur.

  • I want to explore my bisexuality with a male & female masseur couple.

  • I want to feel desired and dominated (sensual domination).

How to find a good practitioner?

A good place to start would be to use a trusted source such as, there are a number of excellent practitioners listed. It’s always a good idea to have a conversation with the practitioner before booking to see if they offer the right services for you and if you feel comfortable with them. Finally, look for plenty of good reviews from past clients on independent review sites.

As with any type of massage, a professional practitioner should always offer a consultation ahead of the massage. This should include health-related questions as with any therapeutic massage. For a sensual massage you should also expect questions about what type of touch you would like and any boundaries you may have to ensure the experience is within your comfort zone.

About the author.

Jools opened Sensual Bodyworks in 2019 based in a rural location on the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border and is also available to visit you around the UK. Sensual Bodyworks is dedicated to offering women and couples a safe and discreet space to relax and enjoy the pleasure of full body sensual massage, without judgement, expectation or obligation. If you would like to find out more or try a massage yourself please get in touch.



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