Sensual Massage Videos

Updated: Jul 16

I am on the look out for locations with interesting views or backdrops to film a series of massage videos. The videos will used to support massage training as well as show potential clients what the massages are all about, but why not make them beautiful too. Sea, beach, rooftops, hills, fields, trees, fireplace are a few suggestions but I'm sure there are many more.

Outdoor spaces are okay, subject to the weather of course, but must have power for equipment. With in a couples of hours of Leicestershire is ideal but I'm happy to travel further too. If you know of anywhere or even have somewhere your self please get in touch. I'm happy to book and pay for AirBnB or hotel rooms.

Lastly if you're a past client and would be in interested in appearing and having a complementary massage then also get in touch. Identities can be hidden off course and I would ideally use a range of ages, body shapes and colours so everyone is welcome.

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